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What mushrooms it is better - forest or greenhouse?

Mushrooms - surprisingly valuable product. In popularity of use we postyashchimitsya and vegetarians they firmly hold the first place. Here only before many quite often there is a question: what mushrooms it is better to eat - forest or greenhouse? Let`s try to understand. we will remember

In the beginning, than mushrooms are so valuable. It is necessary to tell that they contain practically everything that it is necessary - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts, and all in reasonable proportions. It should be noted that mushroom protein on quality is almost identical to protein meat, but it is acquired easier, and by the number of content of phosphorus mushrooms almost catch up with fish. Valuable properties of mushrooms are not lost at any processing.

Only welcome a lack of mushrooms - they contain chitin and therefore can hard be digested. For this reason they are not given to children is younger than three years and that who has metabolic disorders and different diseases of a stomach.

What mushrooms we, as a rule, bring from the wood?

First of all, all will call white, or boletuses, it is tsars of mushrooms! They are fantastically tasty, from them it is possible to prepare practically any dishes, to cook soup from fresh or dried, to fry, do mushroom caviar and a lot of things!

Honey agarics, likely, the most popular of all mushroom gifts of the wood. In - the first, they grow at big families and it is much easy to bring together them. The second - they are magnificent tinned and just fried are very tasty.

Saffron milk caps, russulas, aspen mushrooms, birch mushrooms, slippery jacks, oyster mushrooms, there are so much them types! And we still forgot about morels and lines which here - here will appear in the woods situated near Moscow. They, unfortunately, do not suit for conservation, but fried on - fast with onions and greens will perfectly go to a spring table.

And how champignons and truffles, you ask? We will mention them in the end specially because both those, and others are both forest, and greenhouse, that is grown up in special conditions, here to their discussion we also will pass.

The most popular greenhouse mushroom is, certainly, champignon. At all seasons of the year, in any shop I think them it is possible to buy both fresh, and frozen.

Truffles, I will honestly tell - never ate … I know that they are often grown up in greenhouse farms too and that they it is unreal are tasty and … are expensive. Anyway, about them it is necessary to write.

In Georgia began to grow up actively in oyster mushroom hotbeds recently, they are in large shops at all seasons of the year. Quite perhaps, in Russia this species of mushrooms has success in artificial cultivation too.

And now we will talk about advantages and shortcomings of the mushrooms gathered outdoors, and that which grew under a film. Let`s begin with greenhouse .

Greenhouse mushrooms will never be poisonous! Safely we buy them in shop and we can be sure for hundred percent that we will not get poisoned. By itself, it provided that they are fresh.

Mushrooms from hotbeds are purer, than forest, already touched them and sorted by the size, it is technically simpler to process them when cooking.

They are at any time! During a summer heat or in winter cold - they can always be bought. And always they are fresh, to preserve to indulge itself with mushrooms in the winter, it is not necessary.

A now about shortcomings of greenhouse mushrooms:

They are dear … Whatever one may do, provided that near you there is a company shop from some greenhouse facility and the price there will be minimum, forest mushrooms will be all the same cheaper because at most that you will spend for them - it is the ticket for an electric train or the bus! About truffles I in general am silent - saw them in our supermarket and was terrified on the price tag. Besides, I do not know where as, and in my city during posts of the price of mushrooms cunning increase - consumption grows and will buy all the same, is even expensive.

the Choice of hothouse mushrooms everything is is poor … Never in hotbeds grew up and will hardly grow up white, slippery jacks, honey agarics, spring mushrooms morels and lines too grow exclusively outdoors …

Artificially grown up mushrooms are poorer on the content of useful substances and it is a little worse on taste. Try to compare champignon from shop and from the wood - they are absolutely different.

we will return to forest mushrooms Again and we will mention their advantages:

their Choice is simply huge! Tens of types, both all such different and all tasty.

Collecting mushrooms in itself - huge pleasure, and it is very useful in every sense. Pleasant pastime with relatives, long walk in the fresh air (for half an hour you will not collect mushrooms), purely esthetic pleasure by nature.

They are cheap! You bring together them free of charge, well can be, will spend for transportation to the wood.

them it is possible and it is necessary to preserve. Store nobody preserves, they are always, and to here open a jar of honey agarics or to get the crackling milk mushrooms from a barrel is an unusual pleasure in the winter.

But forest mushrooms conceal in themselves danger, and not one!

They can be poisonous … I will not list species of poisonous mushrooms, it is enough to tell that are most dangerous false, very similar to the forest brothers. Also there are mushrooms hallucinogenic, too having the “correct“ doubles.

the Forest mushrooms which grew in ecologically adverse zone will inform in your stomach except vitamins of a weight more of any rubbish, and in large numbers as they perfectly acquire toxins and radioactive waste from the soil.

Even the edible fungi which are incorrectly preserved or long stored bear in themselves terrible threat. Therefore mushrooms should be prepared for the winter in banks very carefully and to store no more than one winter.

What to do what to choose, you ask? What mushrooms to eat, solve to you, we already in detail sorted all pluses and minuses. Anyway, bon appetit!