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Margaret Thatcher. “Who, if not I, and when, if not now?“

the Words pronounced 2000 years ago by the wise man Gillel can be carried to all life and Margaret Thatcher`s activity fully. The great politician, the real leader, the woman who remade the world, the queen Margo she died on April 8, 2013.

They say that true value of the person is defined by the extent of that emptiness which remains after its leaving. Nobody will be able to take its place. It is a lot more scientific works, monographs, researches it will be written by the historians studying Thatcher`s phenomenon. And now it is just sick and a little empty because the extraordinary, courageous, clever, beautiful person finished the course of life.

The normal politician precisely knows some of the most important laws of a survival: whenever possible to tighten adoption of fatal decisions, to minimize any risks, not to irritate future voters with unpopular reforms, to throw positive emotions in the form of social additives and privileges. The magic word “rating“ defines and corrects a course of board.

Margaret Thatcher did everything not so, she was the “wrong“ politician. Following the old English principle “only the real gentleman undertakes a fruitless task“, she added “and the lady too“ and directed a squadron to Falklands, won against omnipotent labor union of miners, led Conservative party to a victory. Being the lady pleasant in every respect, supported preservation of the death penalty, cancelled distribution of free milk at schools, opposed criminal prosecution of homosexuals and for legalization of abortions.

Within 11 years she was a doctor for the country, and the doctor - the surgeon, but not the homeopathist. By the end 70 - x England came to be in a deep economic and moral abyss. The politician who will be able to conduct a rigid course was necessary and in too time will not renounce democratic principles of the British legislation. The iron Lady had to make unpopular decisions and to fearlessly defend them, quite often expensive price. Only one attempt at it - fortunately, unfortunate - says about much.

And still she was the devoted loving daughter, the wife and mother. As each working woman, suffered a constant remorse that does not pay due attention to the house, the husband and education of children. Took lawyer examinations, holding on hands of four-months twins Mark and Carol. When asked Denis Thatcher a question who at them in a family wears trousers that is who is a head, it, smiling, answered: “Trousers are worn by me, and also I wash them and I iron“.

Expression fashionable nowadays “a style icon“ can be used with a clear conscience, remembering baroness Margaret Thatcher. I will add, an icon of classical style. Her business suits, despite a strict style, were always elegance top. Monophonic jackets of reserved breed did not resemble jackets of party ladies in the spirit of “Proydyomte, the companion in any way!“. She loved graceful blouses with magnificent bows, skirts pleated, boats on low heels. All jewelry, handbags, gloves were always picked carefully up to each suit, and, nevertheless, she refused flatly to take off a pearl necklace - the husband`s gift by the birth of children.

Any man - the politician is not under such close attention of mass media as the woman. Whether it is easy to be influenced by a spiteful sight of chambers constantly? The hairdress was disheveled? Again bags under eyes? Lipstick on lips was smeared? The skirt was rumpled? And what with manicure? Thatcher was able to Look! Lady Sovershenstvo in everything and always! A surprising thing - becoming is more senior, it became externally more and more attractive.

The talented, original, brilliant speaker, Margaret Thatcher since youth was famous for the wit. Not for nothing in college for a sharp tongue it was nicknamed the Toothpick. As it often happens, rather clever figurative statements, having sounded once, go to the people and lose the author. So occurred also a coset of remarks of Thatcher which became aphorisms. I will give only some, widely known:

“There`s no such thing as a free lunch“;
“90% of our cares concerns what never happens“;
“It is not necessary to lie impudently, but noncommittal is sometimes necessary“;
“If character is shown by the man, about it speak “the good guy“ if character is shown by the woman, about it speak “the harmful woman“;
“Consensus is what nobody trusts in and what nobody objects to“; “Mark and Spencer“ won against
England Marx and Engels“;
“I will remain until I am not tired. For now Britain needs me, I will never be tired“.
Margaret Thatcher`s

- the woman who destroyed monopoly of men for the power - the last from Mohicans. Together with it the whole era of great politicians who still knew Latin which read books leaves and did marks on fields which with own hand wrote the speeches, thought more of the people which trusted in them, than about own rating.