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Belmondo and Armenians of

80 years by Jeanne - to Paul Belmondo &ndash were executed on April 9; to a legend not only French, but also world cinema. At enough modest external data of Belmondo had explosive temperament and a peculiar physiological magnetism. He in every possible way cultivated the brightest identity in the played roles and since turned into the real cinema fetish. But for French he is just Bebel.

Some days before the anniversary Belmondo visited St. Petersburg where he held the recital. Arrived with the bosom friend during 65 (!) years French actor of the Armenian origin Charles Gerard. During a meeting of friends with Petersburgers all attention was focused on Belmondo, and pledged to Charles Gerard the word not often. Meanwhile it is the famous actor, the favourite of the director Claude Lelush who removed him practically in all the movies. Charles Gerard 67 years in cinema (to it 86), it also the director, the screenwriter. Real name of Gerard - Achemyan. He was born in Marseille, in the family fleeing from genocide Istanbul. As it is unexpected, but Belmondo and Gerard got acquainted not on a shooting stage. It happened in 1949. Future actors met in boxing club and more did not leave any more. Charles Gerard: We had nine fights, he won five of them also three ended with the account zero - zero . Then there were 16 Belmondo, and he still finally was not defined - to be to it an athlete or the actor. Gerard already had experience of shootings in movies. Besides, he participated in creation of documentary tapes, and since 1953 acted as the director of short films. Popularity came to it after the thriller The Bullet in a trunk which he put together with the friend director Michel Devilem. In the movies shot by Gerard such famous French actors as Robert Osseyn, Bernhardt Blier, Jean Rochfor, etc. played. However the space on that side of a chamber always attracted Gerard, and at the beginning of 1970 - x, having temporarily left a profession of the director and screenwriter, he becomes an actor. The crucial role in his actor`s career was played by a meeting with famous Claude Lelush (the director of the picture Man and woman ) . In 1970 Lelush invites Gerard to play in the movie Swindler . During shootings they strong became friends, and since then Lelush removed Gerard from the movie in the movie. In the film company « belonging to Lelush; Movies 13 Charles Gerard becomes the irreplaceable person. From the book of memoirs of Claude Lelush Minion of fortune : Without the prevention Charles Gerard appears in my office. He tries to podolstitsya at once, as they say, assuring me that he adores all my movies. I am only from a distance familiar with this person appearing usually in Belmondo`s environment. I know only that he shot hundreds of documentaries about sport and put several feature films on insignificant means, it is therein successful having made several actors, including Roger Hanin. It fascinated me soon. Nobody can resist against it. Sharlo with his face of the Ancient Egyptian copyist, with soft gait and congenital ease in communication possesses charm thanks to which he appropriates all. An hour later it already admits visitors to the « companies; Movies 13 so, as if owns this office. It seems to me as if I at on a visit. The unprecedented impudence of this phenomenal type forces me to laugh to tears. I already look forward to it the next visit. You can tell me in what light mister Lelush intends to present my country? - asks the shah of Iran which ordered to us the collective movie solemnly to imprint the forthcoming celebrations on the occasion of 2500 - the anniversaries of the Persian kingdom. Business is serious: it is about an image of the country. Listen, dear shah, - unperturbably Sharlo, &ndash answers; do not puzzle you. Because I can precisely guarantee you one: the movie will bypass the whole world. It suits you? Its imperial majesty raises eyebrows in what attendees catch manifestation of irritation. In air blew softly death sentences. Sharlo remains is unperturbably quiet. And as he has no idea of my scenario, the tone which is not suffering objection concludes: You chose Lelush, bravo! This scene to me will be retold later. I did not worry. From the very beginning I understood that in the « company; Movies 13 Sharlo - the only person capable to fascinate the shah of Iran. From me it was only required to find out whether tells its majesty in French. Having received the affirmative answer, I without hesitation sent to it Charles Gerard. It seems that the shah which at first is a little puzzled with this character, the meeting very strongly amused that did not happen to him for a long time. However, nobody dared to talk to it in such tone Sharlo achieved the Iranian contract as well as others. In the « company; Movies 13 it quickly became the irreplaceable person . Gerard often acted with the friend Belmondo: his gloomy physiognomy perfectly contrasted with a cheerful squint of Bebel. And if Belmondo lavished wide rather impudent smiles in the movies, then Gerard was deliberately serious. And this its gravity emphasized a situation humour not less, than Belmondo`s outbursts. Gerard was able to make laugh the viewer, using the minimum mimicry and several words. He shone in supporting roles in Fransis Weber, Claude Zidi, Jacques Brel`s comedies. He and now, despite solid age, is full of humour and charm.

Henri Vernoillem (Ashot Malakyan) (1920 - 2002) Belmondo got acquainted with the director in 1960 on shootings of the comedy Frenchwoman and love . Verna noticed the talented young man and remembered. Two years later he invited Belmondo to play together with Jean Gabin in the movie Monkey in the winter . After this movie Gabin said the well-known phrase about Belmondo: This guy is ugly, but in him there is something that was also in me and that is pleasant to women . Really, Belmondo possessed incomparable male charm which worked stronger, than external appeal. Following picture of a tandem of Belmondo - The military drama « became Verna; The Weekend on an ocean coast the same year there was a fighter Hundred thousand dollars on the sun . The kind relations of Belmondo with Vernoillem become stronger after these movies even more. Even occupied above forces, the actor constantly calls him. And it is rare when free evenings dropped out, they spent time with pleasure at restaurant, behind a bottle of wine discussing future pictures. In 70 - x years Belmondo acts in four movies of Vernoya at once. In the thriller Fear over the city it was full of dangerous tricks which Belmondo always carried out itself, without resorting to the help of stuntmen. In the movie he ran on a roof of the going subway train, hung on the cable attached to the helicopter, - its best-known trick. Henri Verna admired it: I do not know anybody, except it who could pass from a normal situation to kaskadersky tricks, and after them it is simple to continue what is necessary when shootings love scenes It is always perfect. However will not damage when, for example, the director a little subdues his temperament . Belmondo`s temperament was included into a legend at his partners in a shooting stage. Thanks to the hot temper he quarreled with many directors with whom he worked. But with Henri Vernoillem Belmondo never quarreled. Jean - Paul Belmondo: Never. We shot together eight movies. He loved cinema. He liked to remove tricks, and I, as we know, liked to execute them. It was also very patient, took down all draws which we with group suited it. Reached it often only much later that it was the joke! It was the noble person

Belmondo became famous, playing in movies of masters French new wave but then went to the normal commercial cinema much more successful. Cooperation with Vernoillem marked this transition. Critics often blamed of the actor his extraordinary hobby for commercial cinema. In reply Belmondo declared that he works for millions of the viewers, but not on a small group of reviewers: My calling is in entertaining people, to force them to cry and laugh. Call to me the actor who acted only in masterpieces. If to agree to outstanding roles, then for life you will play two - three times. The actor has to act, otherwise he will disappear from the » screen;. Perhaps, Belmondo was right. How many brilliant actors sank Into oblivion, having refused to play in mass cinema after the success in author`s.

Among venerable representatives French new wave with which Belmondo worked, there was Francois Truffo. In 1966 Truffo looked for the leading man for the new movie 451 degrees Fahrenheit . Initially he planned to invite to this role of Charles Aznavour whom he removed in the black detective story Shoot at the pianist but the American producers (the movie was shot on Universal Pictures) rejected the candidacy of the French chansonnier. Then Aznavour pointed Truffo to Belmondo. Too was not to the taste to Belmondo`s Americans. As a result of Guy Montega Austrian Oscar Verner played, but Truffo remembered Aznavour`s council and three years later Belmondo invited to make Catherine Deneuve`s couple of in the movie The Siren with Mississippi . However the role obsessed with passion was not among psychological states, organic for Belmondo, and Deneuve completely eclipsed the partner.

Since 70 - x, the actress and the singer Mari Lafore (Maytena Dumenash) (river of 1939) became the partner Belmondo on a shooting stage often. Distinguished, aristocratical appearance of this refined brunette successfully shaded rough, rustic lines of Belmondo. Lafore comes from a family of the Armenian emigrants though the actress calls herself the native Pirenya. The glory fell upon Mari suddenly. At the age of 17 years she acted with Alain Delon in the movie of the classic of the French cinema Rene Clement On a bright sun . Since then on Lafora offers from such famous directors as Louis Malle, Claude Chabrol, and many others fell down. But the glory did not make conceited zlatooky to the Armenian, as she was called by journalists. It always accurately divided Mari Lafore and Maytena Dumenash. Mari Lafore: The First was a puppet in hands of the second. An obedient doll, foreign, foreign woman with whom I consciously maintain nodding acquaintance - I should control somehow its movements on the world, to operate, force to gesticulate. This girl is resignedly ready to play games which to her are imposed. So, Mari Lafore sang hits Manchester and Liverpool Ivan, Boris and I cult song of rolling Draw it black acted &ndash much; but personally had no relation to me. On the other hand, everything that in songs and roles of this doll is human and warm, real and trembling - all this I. But I hidden, I - invisible being Belmondo was at one time keen on it and even tried to tempt, but nothing left. Nothing left also at Alain Delon, Michele Placido with whom Lafore acted in series Octopus and others. In a yellow press any mention of any love affair of Lafore did not appear. Today she separately lives in Switzerland, having completely departed from a social life. It is still beautiful.

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