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How to fight against human defects? Deputies are angels of

As someone from classics told “the flesh is weaker, the morality is stronger“. In our State Duma with flesh, seemingly, absolutely badly. Because fight for morality reached the apogee there.

Judging by the adopted laws, our deputies driving have only zero per mille, do not smoke in public places, do not use foul language to such an extent that at the word “pancake“ redden, like maidens are red.

Also all of them are bogoboyaznenna, go to church not for the sake of small public relations and never iron small children on the head, being afraid to get under the law on pedophilia.

Yes, they have absolutely correct orientation and they sleep only with women if men on the passport. And women are deputies in general with anybody do not sleep but only they fight for the rights of the kids offended by Americans. And if kids someone who not Americans, then do not fight at all because once offended.

Orthodox Christian, correct orientation, including political, not the smoker, not the pedophile, but at the same time member of ER. Here portrait of the ideal deputy.

A meme “political prostitution“ infuriates our deputies. They obviously consider that a constant perebeganiye from one party in another all - navsy sober calculation. And in political arena has no to sale of relations.

Because if to recognize political prostitution, then it is necessary to call their place of work a political brothel.

The main enemy of our deputies - Americans. As privates who just do not eat our kids, and the mysterious State Department throwing millions of dollars to Russia on overthrow of the existing power.

Americans are chosen as the main enemy because America is far. During World War II the Bulgarian tsar Boris, faithful to the allied obligations to the Fuhrer, declared war of the USA after Germany. Speak, generals from the Pentagon long looked for that mysterious Bulgaria on the card.

Our deputies, seemingly, walk twice into a same water, as the tsar Boris.

What is curious, and young deputies, as well as their senior companions, too at full capacity fight for moral principles. Flesh to flesh, so to speak. Spiritual impotence very infectious piece. One deputy will communicate to another and at once in church on a confession. Or in a chamber (so far a body-) with the next passage about destiny of the babies who fell from hands of the tsar Herod. Fie you, State Department.

Soon, soon, at our deputies shovels will be combed. Because from there will begin to sprout wings. Like at angels. With such - that moral principles, though now on the sky.

And to watch guilty people of Earth from there. Which can smoke, now only secretly and only at themselves in a toilet. And to tell a strong language in response to the next exercise of the Duma. And to splash on a bottom of the child, pokayeshche without being afraid of Pasha Astakhov with his juvenile approach to education. And even, about horror to gather more than three and to discuss deputy real estate in so hated deputies and secretly darling on most further to far America.

For morality it is very good to combat from the top. And it is better to send the fallen flesh of deputies somewhat quicker directly to paradise. She it obviously already deserved.