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How to use coconut oil?

Fat and skin, dry with occurrence of winter cold weather, the brittle splitting hair, the dry and reddened after fifteen-minute appointment to the sun shoulders - this list can be continued in the summer long enough. But the most terrible in this list not length, and what is fat - shelled burned and with sekushcheyusya a mane a monster quite could be the author of this article, do not happen to it for more than ten years of use of cosmetics to pick up an own arsenal of cosmetics and receptions of the treatment of them. About one of these means - coconut oil - I with pleasure will tell in more detail.

Ya I am not an adherent of exclusively natural cosmetics - many laboratory means of beauty also take significant places in my cosmetics bag. However within the concept “all in one“ to coconut oil just is not present equal. If before me there is a choice, what cosmetic - one and only one, to take with itself on the desert island, I will choose coconut oil. However, on stereotypic desert islands (to which islands, for example, of the Barents Sea do not concern) the coco grows and so - the area of its dwelling is very wide: he can be met in tropic latitudes of Quiet, Atlantic and Indian oceans. The Russian tourists bring coconut oil, as a rule, from Thailand, Cuba, Dominican republic and India. However, many domestic brands give for a long time the chance to buy coconut oil and in native middle latitudes - and oil it can be met as as a part of cosmetics, and in pure form.

Speaking about a pure look, we mean not refined coco oil. It is considered the most useful and, by experience, so it also is. However the most inexpensive types of not refined coconut oil can differ in not really high quality - in fact, it is possible to make this product and almost in house conditions, lowering, thereby, both the cost, and quality of a product: sanitary and technological standards nevertheless exist not in vain even if they also lead to increase of cost. So with price category - from average above, we were defined (dispersion of the prices I will not begin to give as for each region it will be rather individual: certainly that in places of growth of a coco and production of oil from it, the cost of a product will be most optimum), and here of the white flakes which are formed in coconut oil and also its partial transition from a liquid state to firm, it is not necessary to be afraid - it has quite high temperature at which there is a change of density. At a temperature about 22 degrees Celsius similar changes are already possible, but they do not influence properties.

What properties of coconut oil?

it is the best of all for b to apply coconut body oil:

At acceptance of solar bathtubs. It will protect skin from dryness and will help to receive beautiful suntan. Even if you take a bath not on the beach, and just wish to walk under the city sun, oil of a coco will be the excellent assistant. One of excellent properties of this oil - its fast absorbency: if to apply its small amount on open parts of the body, then soon (approximately in half an hour) it will be possible not to be afraid that it will leave marks on the most elegant clothes. Skin at the same time will receive the additional power supply and will help to do without the tinting means, shimmers and other decorative cosmetics - it and so will receive soft shine and an equal shade. But whether it is worth saying that stay on the sun has to be anyway limited to time which is considered safe for a meeting of an ultraviolet and your type of skin?

After an epilation. Coconut oil possesses quite good antiseptic properties - it will protect skin from emergence of irritations, and the effect moistening it right there will protect it from drying.

as massage. As I already wrote, oil it is quickly absorbed and does not leave marks. For house massage it is an important indicator. The pleasant smell of oil (at oil it is much easier, than at the food and perfumery additives imitating it) is pleasant or, at least, does not irritate even the most strict fans of massage to smells. Coconut face oil
I use

, as a rule:

as a mask. In this case it is worth applying this oil on the clean steamed-out skin with quite plentiful layer, to lie down (to lie down - not to resemble, talk or chew) fifteen - twenty minutes and to blot the remains with a napkin. Pluses from similar application: equal complexion - small vessels and uneven tone of skin disappear, and also small mimic wrinkles are smoothed. It is the best of all to carry out this procedure few times in a week.

as means for removal of cosmetics. It is the emergency option but very convenient and effective. However after that it is worth wiping a face with tonic or to rinse with cool water.

as sos - means. Coconut oil humidifies and nourishes skin: at winter irritations which bring us a frost and dryness it is a thing irreplaceable. Also coconut oil possesses ability to normalize release of skin fat - and here it will do good to those whose T - the zone shines in the summer, but does not shine. It is worth using means daily before achievement of effect - as a rule, there are enough three - four days.

as lip balm. Dryness and cracks pass into nothingness, and fast absorbency allows to manage without unloved many damp gloss and sticky lips. to

Hair are also always glad to a meeting with coconut oil :

the Mask from coconut oil before washing of the head means plentiful (before easy moistening) drawing it on hair and head skin approximately for one or two hours before washing. It is better to wash away oil shampoo with neutral PH or bathing soap. Perhaps, the duplicating washing off is required. And here synthetic balms and masks after washing in this case are not necessary - hair will perfectly give in to combing and laying without them. And the stacking means if you use them, the minimum will be required.

In cases, when there is no time for a mask, can manage in the fast way - after washing of the head, without applying balms and masks, to slightly moisten palms with coconut oil and to promassirovat moist hair. Then to dry up them in the natural way or the hair dryer, but on the sparing mode. Be not afraid - the greasy luster will not be! And here obedient, with moderate natural gloss this fast procedure will provide hair.

A you apply coco oil? Share secrets!


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