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As character is reflected in clothes style of

Daily we face on the street one hundred people, some of them look quite stylishly and presentably, showing, thus, through clothes the unique style reflecting in turn character of the person.

It is possible to list key parameters. The girls preferring sports style in the clothes are very open and sociable, with unruly character and love to freedom. Their contents corresponds to their appearance, vital credo which beauty and health.

Today frank and sexual style in clothes is very popular. As a rule, people with such style adore shocking public, attracting to themselves inquisitive glances of gapers and just passersby. Through sexual style, girls seek to show the temperament. And the main attributes of such style are high heels, or hairpins, and also bright and saturated meyk the apostle. About their character it is possible to be expressed in a word - coquettes, whimsical and spoiled.

In turn sensual and sincere girls prefer romantic style in clothes. In total their role gives pensiveness and naivety, with gentle disposition. Such girls prefer minimalism, both in cosmetics, and in clothes, giving preference first of all to clothes comfortable and convenient.

And at last, ladies imperious and with character, prefer strict classical style. They are always well-groomed and elegant.

Now that is regarding color of clothes which can tell a lot of things about character of the person too.

Darkly - blue is a color very balanced, pragmatic and are serious people.

As a rule, people creative and creative, with the dissenting opinion other than the majority choose blue. Also this color testifies to ambition and persistence of the person.

White people with mathematical mentality, and also prefer to carry those who with confidence look forward.

Shades beige, brown or earth are shades of those who tendencies to dream and go woolgathering, prefer common sense and a voice of reason.

Green and yellow - is the business card of the person very cheerful, positive and active who is overflowed by excess of energy.

Pink - color of persons pensive, impressionable and naive, they are romantic and amorous.

Red color people very brave and purposeful, liking to expose everything on display carry, a certain kitsch.

Black - color of people quiet and balanced, those who are inclined to remain aside, without taking the initiative, passional and a little lazy persons.

Besides color, an important detail of clothes, characterizing this or that character and temperament of the person, drawings on clothes are.

Flowers and vegetable patterns are the sign of a womanly and distinguished figure in turn giving in the person tendency to argue, than to work, a certain uncertainty and constraint.

Too most concerns also Peas, people with such drawing are not self-assured, suffering low from a self-assessment.

The strip and a cage on clothes say about what this person most likely feels limited in any certain sphere of life.

Also, the special attention should be paid to details. For example, all that the person carries on the head, or a neck, can treat his mentality. In the turn, everything that is put on from a neck to a belt, is connected with feelings and experiences of the person. And what rushes standing as it is strange, connected with your relation to sex and the sexual relations.