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of Acquaintance on the Internet represent big prospects for young people in connection with the availability and a variety. In this article we will talk about how to the girl most to get acquainted on the Internet with the young man interesting her. It is very frequent, happens so that it is difficult to many girls to get acquainted with someone in real in a consequence of many reasons: a lack of time, employment, places with a low congestion of young people and just shyness.

On the Internet there are enough services for communication, such as social networks. However only the websites specializing on acquaintances will allow you to find without effort what you look for. The most popular of them mamba. ru provides a wide range of tools for people who want to get acquainted on the Internet. But for this purpose you should conform to several simple rules.

For a start define at yourself in the head with what target group of young people you would like to get acquainted and who should be avoided at once not to waste time. On dating sites thousands of questionnaires of men and sometimes to understand them happens very difficult. Try to consider as much as possible parameters, so to you will be then it is simpler to be guided: age, weight, growth, work, habits and purpose of acquaintance etc. In advance we will make a reservation that it is necessary to avoid the questionnaire of men with the absent photo, and also with too overloaded information on them.

If the question with the round-the-clock access to the Internet is solved, and your laptop is pacified is based upon your knees, then further, you should register the questionnaire. This service is perfect, free and will not take you too much time, it is only enough to have the e-mail address where to you the letter for confirmation of creation of your account on a dating site will come. The following step, we fill in the questionnaire. In it try to be shorter and laconic, you should not spread the whole philosophical treatises and to quote the famous poets. But in general the questionnaire has to make positive impression. Fields which case do not fill in points connected with sex and are sexual implication, and also your marital status. A certain innuendo will create so the necessary riddle and secret capable to turn imagination of any man.

At last, we approached the most important step - preparation of photos for the website. As men generally are visual, first of all they pay attention to your photo, and only after that solve, to write to you, or not. Photos have to be qualitative (not from the mobile phone) and bright, showing all your advantages, and hiding small shortcomings. Three - five will be enough, however not superfluous will and spend for a professional portfolio.

And the last step, remained to you as your questionnaire to distinguish that from huge variety of other applicants. For this purpose there are several services on the website, such as a questionnaire raising upward after payment of SMS - the message, “a pursuit of the leader“, and also receiving the VIP - the account.

And on this cheerful note, all further active actions on a dating site give way to patient expectation and primary elimination of questionnaires of men.