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Back, to matriarchy? Lightly about serious

the distinct tendency was outlined Now: human society moves with great strides to matriarchy. The role of the woman raises in a family and in society not on days, and on hours. Ladies already hold important state posts in the different countries. They are approved in the independence of centuries-old man`s slavery. From where such misfortune fell down our head?

we Will return to matriarchy origin sources. Everything began when ancient people lived in caves. Men got a forage essential hunting, and women supported fire in the center and looked for children. Men held prepotent position, and women - subordinated since their life entirely depended on a male. It is a normal situation.

But already in those far times female mind worked better than man`s. Having more free time when men risked the life on hunting, women began to smarten up. Coming to the next lake for water, they looked in the reflection in water and began experiments with the appearance. One, having cleaned a shaggy hair from the face, was satisfied with the reflection. And since then it did not allow the hair to flutter randomly around the head. The second, looking in water, coquettishly lowered a skin from the shoulder, having bared it, and grunted from delight.

Other women of a cave community, having seen wonderful transformations of the fellow tribeswomen, hairdresses and clothes from skins began to copy their “style“. Once men returned with production from hunting, and their eyes from surprise got out on a forehead: instead of dirty and shaggy girlfriends they saw beauties. Now everyone wanted to make something pleasant to the pleasant “lady“: to bring and bring it a tidbit from the killed animal, to present with new warmer skin, to make by it a necklace of teeth of the eaten production. Such signs of attention gave hope to the man that he will have at night a warm female side near himself.

One which most thinly and fully seized art of seduction of men by means of the changed appearance was distinguished from the female population of a cave. Already several proud hunters sank down on the local beauty, and between them the competition ran high - to whom it has to belong. The beauty quickly realized that with little effort it is possible to receive all benefits of a primitive civilization, manipulating a strong half of mankind.

Friends of the first beauty at first looked at her with envy and rage, showing the teeth, then some thought: if with it to make friends, then it is possible which - what to receive from “a lordly table“. Gradually the glorification of the first lady began. She distributed most production tidbits to especially close persons, she chose to herself the man for the night, to it the guilty tribespeople came to court. Well, than not the beginning of matriarchy?

In Wikipedia the following definition is given: “ Matriarchy is such form of society in which the leading role belongs to women, in particular mothers of families of this society“.

During the subsequent development of human society matriarchy could look differently. For example, in one territories there were matriarchal communities number in several hundreds of people. It were close relatives on the female line. The woman was at the head. The families entering a community formed a maternal sort which collectively owned all earth. The personal property of a family was property of women and was transferred from mother to the daughter. Men in such matriarchal community held the subordinated position. It was strictly forbidden to get married in a maternal sort. The maternal sort exchanged grooms and brides with other childbirth.

Other option of ancient matriarchy is a division of one tribe into two half: female and man`s. In a female half it was accepted to worship a pantheon of female deities led by Mother Boginya. An example of worship of such Mother Bogini - Astarta`s cult in ancient Mesopotamia. Matriarchy was widespread at different times in many countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Likely, some of you when studying ancient history had to read the Ancient Greek myths describing matriarchal society of amazons - women - soldiers who live without husbands and bring up the daughters in severity that from them good warriors turned out. Long time was considered that amazons are a fruit of the imagination of antique authors, but it turned out that it not so. Recent excavation in the south of Russia gave proofs that amazons existed really. In kurganny burials remains of notable women were found, expensive weapon, onions, arrows and swords was found in their graves. These finds specified that it were women - warriors.

I pass a centuries-old era of domination of patriarchy which was directed to service of men with use of women as the operated resource.

I want to return today and to look how the situation with matriarchy is. For many years of life under patriarchy of the woman learned to survive, got stronger and to the XX century were capable to begin fight for the rights and equality with men. I mean feminism. Advance in this direction happens not so quickly, but many results are quite noticeable.

What women achieved presently? They became more educated and capable to work on an equal basis with men, receiving the same high salary. They lost economic incentive of marriage. Women of provide, are able to afford to bring the child and to give him good education and education.

Women politicize on an equal basis with men. They work at the highest state posts. For example, now women presidents are elected in Switzerland, Lithuania, Costa - Ric, Kosovo. They are appointed to a post the prime minister - ministers in Austria, Denmark, Thailand, Iceland. Women actively work in parliaments of the different countries.

Ladies - lesbians can openly show the nonconventional sexual relations. In some countries they had an opportunity to enter same-sex marriages. Women can quietly change the floor if feel that gave birth to them the girl by mistake.

But it does not seem, whether to you, dear men that women afford too much? It was not observed even during matriarchy blossoming. Perhaps, it is time to put the clamps?