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How oil of germs of wheat is used for appearance?

Oil from germs of wheat are considered the champion on delay of process of aging thanks to high content in it the main “vitamin of youth“ - vitamin E, and a set of minerals.

Oil from wheat germs - a unique gift of the mother - the nature which is received by method of cold pressing of germs of wheat. And to receive 3 liters of such oil, it is necessary to overwork neither more nor less - 100 kg of germs of wheat which receive from 50 tons of grain!

By the chemical nature, a nutrition value and structure in general proteins of such flour (i.e. torments of a wheaten germ), for example, can be compared easily to all active proteins of an animal origin, such as proteins of powdered milk, casein or eggs. There is also a wish to note and that surprising properties of oil of germs of wheat are known long ago therefore its broad application in cosmetology is explainable and justified. In this oil the nature concentrated is unique - the balanced complex of active biological agents, minerals, vitamins, irreplaceable amino acids and lipids which are simply necessary for renewal of any live organism.

Oil from germs of wheat contains the maximum quantity of vitamin E, in comparison with all known natural sources, not less important vitamins A, B, PP and D and a set of polysaturated acids which exert direct impact on skin of the person. There is a wish to note that this most valuable product is used also in the food industry as various food additives, and in medicine for treatment of various diseases, and in cosmetology.

Indications to application and effects:

very important point - oil of germs wheat not only is suitable for any type of skin, but also it is recommended for the problem skin withering, fat and mixed, and thanks to the correct use it is possible to solve all these problems and to improve appearance and a condition of skin, it has no contraindications;

skin color considerably improves;

promotes rejuvenation and keeps skin fresh and elastic;

the face form tightens;

promotes smoothing of wrinkles on a face, a neck and especially I will note around eyes and lips;

the condition of problem skin considerably improves at acne rash;

cleans pores;

heals pustulous wounds, various inflammations;

removes toxins;

softens and feeds the condensed skin sites on elbows and stupnyakh, promotes healing of cracks and small wounds;

it is ideal for prevention of emergence of extensions at pregnancy and various and unforeseen changes of body weight;

an effective remedy at fight against cellulitis;

growth factor and strengthenings of a hair bulb.

In my opinion, advantages of this oil are really invaluable, enough it is only correct to use it, and the result will immediately please you. I prepared for you several interesting and available recipes for use of oil of germs in house cosmetology because in professional cosmetology experts use it at the professional level that, undoubtedly, effectively. Ourselves can warn and correct not worse than experts many cosmetic problems which after the correct and regular use of this oil will already not seem to you those.

Before we will start masks and recipes of house use of oil of germs of wheat, I would like to note several important points concerning texture of oil. Owing to the fact that oil of germs of wheat very dense on the structure, in cosmetology it is seldom used in pure form from - for “weight“. It mixes up with such oils as almond, peach, apricot or jojoba. Pure oil is used extremely seldom and only on separate sites of skin at inflammations, peelings, abscesses, burns, wounds, on the coarsened sites (for example, heels of legs) etc. in small amounts by means of applications, masks or vtiraniye on a local zone.

For massage and at fight against cellulitis:

Oil of germs of wheat is very often applied in mixes with different cosmetic oils and used as basic oil - a basis. It is mixed with a ratio 1:2 with peach, almond, apricot or oil jojoba.

For fight against cellulitis prepare mix with essential oils of orange and grapefruit. 3 - Part 5 drops of essential oils on one tablespoon of oil of germs of wheat and massage problem sites.

of the Mask and application for the person and esthetic problems of various types of skin:

very effective applications from the napkins impregnated with oil of germs of wheat in pure form or in mix with essential oils, 1 - 2 time day for 10 - 30 minutes for procedure will be span> For the problem, dry, fat, tired and withering face skin.

the Flabby and withering skin : on an oil tablespoon - add a basis on one drop of essential oils of a sandal-wood tree, orange and mints and you put in the morning and in the evening for 25 - 30 minutes.

Acne rash: on a tablespoon add 2 drops of a cedar, carnations and lavenders. In the morning and evening of application for 20 minutes.

we clean “Goose pads“ by means of addition on an oil tablespoon - bases on a drop of essential oils of not role and a sandal-wood tree. For 15 minutes in the morning and in the evening within two weeks considerably you will be pleased with result in a mirror.

the Shelled, dry face skin will be moistened with by means of applications from oil - a basis in pure form and with an additive of essential oils of a rose and melissa at the rate of 1 - 2 drop of oil on a tablespoon of basic oil. For achievement of effect and positive result I recommend to do such applications 3 times a day for 20 - 30 minutes within 10 - 15 days, after applications massage skin a little.

of the Mask for strengthening of hair. In this case recommends to apply oil in pure form on head skin or in equal proportions with oil jojoba. It is possible to add 2 drops of essential oils of a cedar to such mask, an eucalyptus, a fir, a thyme, orange and ginger. Put such mask in 20 minutes prior to washing of the head. I sometimes hold longer.

For prevention and elimination of extensions (striya). Oil of germs of wheat at extensions - the ideal decision because being absorbed in already appeared extensions, that is directly in cicatricial fabric, it smoothes from within and promotes regeneration of cells of fabric, thereby reducing the size and visible defects. For prevention of emergence of extensions at pregnancy many doctors to you will recommend to rub oil the easy massing movements because it increases elasticity of skin, does not allow it to be deformed and prevents emergence of undesirable striya.

For care of skin of hands and legs can use oil as in pure form, and with addition on 1 - 2 drops of essential oil of a lavender and a bergamot on one tablespoon of oil of a basis. Rub it the easy massing movements, and it will help to eliminate small damages, a peeling, will give to skin elasticity, softness and elasticity.

Precautionary measures:

before use of oil carry out the test for lack of allergic reaction: or behind an ear apply a little oil on an internal surface of a forearm and wait a couple of hours. In the absence of visible signs use without problems.

Oil of germs of wheat cannot be accepted inside and to use at individual intolerance. Be beautiful