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How to make azu on - Tatar? Sharply, tasty, perfectly!

In Kazan did not happen, I admit honestly. But I love the Tatar ethnic cuisine - it is pleasant. Nourishing, tasty, and rather man`s. To eat so to eat!

Wandered here somehow about boulevards of the Internet: everywhere restaurants, culinary portals - a zamanukh. Give, I think, I will come - do not take for an entrance of money, and it is interesting to take a look. Than people are allured what such dainties promise.

I will tell you, friends, there is a lot of delicacies, and heresy even more. I read: azu on - Tatar from pork. Here such tasty recipe is offered, and it is quite serious. The soul did not sustain and let out cry of offense for the Tatar dish.

Pork azu, maybe, and tasty, and even supertasty. But on - Tatar has no relation to azu. As well as chicken or pork pilaf. These are absolutely other dishes which have to have other names.

Cannot be at true Muslims of food from pork. Taboo! Meat in the same azu - only mutton or a horse-flesh, as a last resort beef. The rest everything - ideas of modern culinary specialists.

Who knows, maybe, sometime the dish will become international, and will be with any meat, fish or with others still unknown products in the nature. But still Tatar azu prepares generally from mutton.

Well, talked, now it is possible to start preparation of a national Tatar dish: azu on - Tatar . Let`s prepare as I was taught by the friend from Kazan on a geological expedition. Very long ago it was. But since then azu always among favourite food, as to the first wife in a harem, - honor and respect.

What it is necessary for us for preparation? First of all - a spirit. But I think, behind it business will not become: the mood is higher, than at pure alcohol on degrees. Where there our purse? We go behind meat. What? Naturally, behind mutton.

To buy such meat - I do not know as at you, but here a problem. From private traders very few people hold rams now. It was lucky: bought what is necessary. Expensively - but behind the price we will not stand. The main component was bought. Pickles of the house are. It was necessary yes to buy tomatoes greens.

The main secret of the Tatar azu is an existence of melted butter. Yes, oil has to be only melted, and pickles. Barrel or can, but not marinated. We start the responsible moment - we cut meat on pieces, approximately in two fingers of the ladies` handle.

We warm melted butter in a cauldron or a brazier. We fry meat so that we formed an appetizing crust. While the baraninka is fried, we cook vegetables. We cut onions beautiful ringlets and we fry in a maslitsa on a frying pan, and then we add to meat.

Small we cut tomatoes, previously husking with them, and we send to a cauldron. We salt and pepper. We add water, but the meat bulyonchik is better. We cut small cucumbers and pripuskay them in a small amount of oil and water. We clean and cut potatoes on slices, we fry it in melted butter too.

Then we add to meat which is stewed in a cauldron. A little still we will extinguish, minutes so ten, and we add cucumbers to the last turn. Why not at once with potatoes? It can zadubet if it was still not ready.

We will mix everything, we strew from above with greens and chopped garlic. Well I have everything already a fork on call, and at you? We start the main pleasure - to food. Good luck! You come - I will treat.

What products will be necessary for us for preparation of azu on - Tatar counting on 4 adults of a portion: meat - 1 kg of pulp of mutton (it is possible to replace with beef); pickles - 3 pieces, tomatoes fresh - 2 pieces; onion - 3 pieces; melted butter - 200 grams; potatoes - 5 or 6 pieces; broth or water - not less than two glasses; garlic, greens, pepper and salt on taste.