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Why the Petersburg spring smells of fresh cucumbers?

She is beautiful, she a serebrist... It smells of fresh cucumbers, lying on spring on trays on streets of St. Petersburg. It, smelts, is one of backbone elements of St. Petersburg together with the white nights and movable bridges. And on the importance of a symbol it, probably, costs though is much lower than the Nevsky and the white nights, but - is much higher than the Nourishing market and Velikan movie theater.

Each Petersburger, going in April - May down the street and having caught a smell of fresh cucumbers in air, automatically does a rack and as the sleep-walker, is developed against wind to a smell source to estimate the sizes, the price - and at a suitable ratio to buy kilogram - one and a half is fresher than a small fish to bring it home, to wash under the crane and to fry as it is, having rolled in in flour, in the hissing sunflower oil on a frying pan.

The smelts are not “just fish“. Its honoring in St. Petersburg is close to religious. I admit, I never talked to own grandmother about life at all and about food in particular in Leningrad of the end 20 - x years. They lived then somewhere in the central region of the city, her husband was a disabled person of World War I and as I understood, they had a life not too - that cheerful. But here at the friend of my father the grandmother lived on Vasilyevsky Island - and very much liked to porasskazat about 20 - x years, about a flood of 1924, about many other things and almost always about what then on a market on spring was on sale smelts. Present supposedly near it did not even lie!

Most tasty these stories sounded then when it at the same time fried smelts, putting already fried in a huge bowl from which we a fiery small fish were enough meanwhile and hrumkat in flight, leaving only the head and a tip of a tail (“plumage“, actually).

The huge bowl was both bottomless, and not filled. We, three boys, a maximum could lower only slightly the level of a fried small fish in a bowl even if tried very much. Ah, these svezhezhareny smelts! As to describe it! Taste at it - smelts. It is edible - entirely, except the head and a feather of a tail (the cat categorically does not agree with me, it hrumkat them entirely, leaving only oil spots on the enclosed newspaper).

Fry it on a frying pan, on sunflower oil, previously having rolled in flour with salt. It is fried almost instantly - tea not pork. Bought, brought, washed under the crane, allowed water to flow down, rolled in in flour, on a frying pan, slightly everything is ready to wait - and.

And what a pity that in recent years mean commerce got into this city totem. From - for it the last few years it is necessary to manage other provisions. In general and in previous years in mine, in particular, to a family the smelts were purely a symbol (time bought, fried, ate), but not frequent and cheap food of April - May. And “the invisible hand of the market“ so lifted up the price of it that you do not napokupatsya - time pork in one and a half - two cheaper.

And still, and still... On streets of St. Petersburg already week, and even two as began to smell of fresh cucumbers.