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Public ministry of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - for children, banal
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
r - in a riddle, for reflection, on ingenuity and installation of the opinion
yu - humour

Public ministry promotes helps to excite to serve why benefit a debt there has to be a disinterested correct present wants to bring up to develop to impart to show it is necessary to teach a role value gives definition it is necessary important advantage of the reason a basis

zk Public ministry - the highest mission of the person.
zpv the Main mission of the person as living being - reproduction, sane - public ministry.
zdv Public ministry - the main and only the correct form of existence, development and preservation of a civilization.
zpv Mind and force without public ministry - are dangerous. zdpv it is the best of all for
to impart Public ministry through growth of spirituality and morality.
zpvl From that who serves society - all bad is showered as a peel in itself.
zpvl If everything served in the world to society - the evil, wars, violence, crime, corruption, hatred, deception, lie, envy would disappear … zpv the Employee to society is not capable
, to kill, steal, humiliate …
and there is no occupation, - which could bring such feeling of happiness, satisfaction, pleasure as public ministry. Put
of kV without public ministry - it is lived in vain.
zpv Disinterested public ministry - has to be desire and need of everyone. pz the Wise and spiritual person considers
as the main privilege - public ministry, silly, spiritless, important - that served it.
zpv Public ministry for existence in a modern civilization, unlike the wild nature - not only is extremely necessary, but also it is favorable.
of the personal computer To public ministry - appeals God.
and Among believers - employees to society is more.
and Truly believing - cannot but serve society.
zd Public ministry has to proceed first of all from soul.
zpvk Public ministry not a tip - and a debt.
zpvkl the Person not the employee to society - is dangerous.
zd In public ministry - are shown the highest qualities of the person.
zp cannot serve really the person to society - without having reached a certain level of the spiritual development directed to achievement of the vital public purposes.
zdp Nothing so disposes to public ministry as philanthrophy.
z the Most uncontested, easy, short, simple way to public ministry - through faith in God
of C Public ministry - service to God.
z to Public ministry is promoted by patriotism.
to Public ministry - lifts the person on unprecedented heights.
p Serving society - the person should not think of benefit.
p Nasty public ministry - expecting gratitude.
and is important to direct the activity there - where public ministry is more effective.
p to Serve society - means to give, without thinking of remuneration.
z Public ministry can be activity useful to all in the field of creation of material benefits, cultural wealth, preservations of the nature, improvement of living conditions, health, leisure …
zp to Public ministry - needs to study.
zp it is necessary to Serve society correctly - it is the whole science.
z With taste development public ministry - in the person are opened unusual abilities.
and Public ministry - a way to success.
zp not to serve society - a sin.
zp Public ministry - fills life with true sense.
z from others - leads Expectation of services to disappointment, public ministry - satisfactions.
zpr leads his public ministry To true recognition of the person - but not service to it. there is no
zp activity, - which could bring such popularity, honor and respect as public ministry.
zp Without public ministry - life is defective. zp Who wishes to people to be useful to
- that has to be a servant of
zp In public ministry - greatness.
zp If the person does not serve society to it idleness, and with it defects and need comes.
zp clears Public ministry of defects and people, having ceased to suffer, only enjoys life.
zp Public ministry in pleasure, earning money - in burden.
zp Serving society of people, gains wellbeing including due to reduction of requirements and elation.
zp Working for itself the person, cannot, gain wellbeing - as it is not sated as it is material, and spiritually.
zp the Egoist is unfortunate shortage and loss of pleasures - process of public ministry is boundless also neskonchay.
zp cannot be the person clever - if it does not serve society.
z - is determined By what benefit of people brought to society its value.
zp the Person begins to live - when begins to serve society.
z Public ministry - allows not to lose meaning of life even in extreme old age.
z Public ministry increases with increase in love to people.
zpv to Public ministry is promoted by compassion and self-sacrifice.
and Public ministry - takes away from grieves.
pl Not the employee to society - an empty vessel. p Having rendered to
service - become mute. p do not remind
for the rendered service - even to the enemy. klp the Remembered service - leads
to loss of the friend.
p the Service demanding gratitude - the disguised transaction.
and Public ministry - this field of activity of ardent soul, but not cold prudent reason.
ki Public ministry - it is necessary to deserve.
and the Nature which is concerned only by reproduction - did not program public ministry, it should be developed by effort of will.
pvz the Real happiness of the person not in a prisluzhivaniye to it - and in service to others.
p the Person has to seeks to have less servants and to serve more others.
r Public ministry first of all is necessary for the person.
pv Public ministry - opens and clears soul.
p the Employee to society - is the closest to God.
p Public ministry - the road to immortality.
p Truly serving to society - works carelessly.
to It is impossible to serve society - without loving people.
and Public ministry - a hominifying.
pz Public ministry - a shelter from defects.
and Public ministry directs energy of the person in the right direction, keeping him from wild and low acts.
pv Instilling of public ministry - the main thing in education.
zp Public ministry extinguishes sexual concern.
zp Public ministry - the greatest and noble calling.
zs Public ministry - softens understanding of the natural deception directed to reproduction or losses of abilities to it.
zp the Ardent enemy of public ministry - egoism.
zp the Egoist serves itself, the altruist - to people.
zp Public ministry - the best remedy for egoism.
z Many to return of a debt to relatives, prefer service to foreign people.
p Serving foreign people - do not forget about relatives.
and Service to all society is more attractive - than an environment small group.
to Advance in public ministry - the best career.
p the Debt above own interests.
and In the highly moral person is born aspiration to serve society through elements of education, transfer of knowledge and experience, creativity, the help … and a protest against a humiliating prisluzhivaniye.
and Feeling of public ministry - gives force and confidence.
and God a half of time which the person lived for others - in the released vital time does not read.
pv Public ministry - here the life purpose.
p Public ministry has to be reasonable and useful.
pv Public ministry - increases spirituality and morality.
pz Public ministry - the mechanism of preservation of a civilization.
and Public ministry - cannot but come with wisdom.
p Public ministry - is favorable.
zpv exempts Public ministry from rage, hostility, sensitivity, discontent …
zpv Public ministry does life not burdened, joyful, communication pleasant that well affects on wellbeing, health and mood.
p to the Correct public ministry is promoted by knowledge of psychology.
zp the Support of public ministry - unselfishness.
zp Public ministry is warmed up by self-sacrifice.
zp In elaboration of public ministry - is important tolerance.
zp to Elaboration of public ministry is promoted by compassion that human life is heavy.
zdp the Person does not seek for public ministry - because it is not capable to comprehend need and advantage of it.
and the Bigger respect is deserved by public ministry through effort of will.
zp At the employee to society appear only good thoughts.
zd Public ministry - disciplines.
and Public ministry - does the person beautiful.
zd Public ministry - can not bring instant benefit, but it provides the future.
zdp Public ministry promotes love for the country.
zdp Good assistants in education of public ministry - conscience and shame.
kp Without public ministry - life is empty.
z the Nature which only reproduction concerns, does not know that such public ministry - than the person is more capable and valuable to reproduction - that it stronger it from it takes away.
zpv Public ministry does unnecessary education of a set of merits, - which of it are born.
and Public ministry - lifts authority and respect.
pv Public ministry is a niskhozhdeniye, and a duty of each person.
to Public ministry and good - go nearby.
and On the present serve society not those who wish to receive something in replacements - and those which differently cannot.
in the Real public ministry - not ostentatious.
and Public ministry many perceive as humility, fear, servility, a worship, dependence …
and the Striking example of public ministry is mother Theresa.
yu Than the person cares for itself more - that it is pleasant to people less.
yu Women of men of employees to society - take for boyfriends.
yu to serve easier for All society than the neighbor.
yu Some serve society - and can do nothing with themselves.
yu Public ministry - the most unwarranted work in payment.

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