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Why, having heard a shot roar from a gun, residents of St. Petersburg look at the watch?

Are several signs on which it is possible to identify the inhabitant Peter. One of them is a reaction to a roar of a cannon shot from a gun: Petersburgers automatically look at the watch.

On the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress under Naryshkin`s wall of a bastion in the summer there is always a free piece of the beach on which since morning only visitors lay down. Petersburgers wait for a shot in the beginning, calm jumped and semi-become deaf from unexpected “a sphere - r - r - ra“ visitors, then wait the ashes flying from above from the burned-down gunpowder - and only then occupy this piece of the beach.

Since the time of the tsar Peter I the shot from a gun meant a certain event for residents. Almost right after the basis of St. Petersburg, since 1704, day time in the city was divided gun shots by the proposal of the first city governor A. D. Menshikov. In the morning - the beginning of work, in the afternoon - a lunch break, in the evening - the end of the working day.

Originally the shot was made from the Admiralty, and only in 1872 the gun was transferred to the Peter and Paul Fortress. At the same time - since 1865 - triple daily firing was replaced by single and began to note approach of midday, but not lunch time...

The old offer of the astronomer Delil made by it long before the middle of the 19th century, at the time of Elizabeth Petrovna was so realized. By then, as the shot became midday, the preliminary signal was given from Pulkovo Observatory (phone was not yet - on telegraph) with its most exact chronometers.

And several shots in a row notified residents on the beginning flood or on an ice drift. The city was small to present measures, and the roar of a cannon shot was heard on the most part of its territory.

There was time, guns wore out and changed. Presently from the Peter and Paul Fortress, from Naryshkin`s wall of a bastion, shoots 122 - mm a howitzer (and one more, spare, stands under a cover nearby). Those howitzers which were used since 1957 already communicated, and in 2002 replaced them on new, same.

“The midday shot from a gun“ is turned into a tourist attraction, Naryshkin`s roof of a bastion is turned into the place of tourist excursions (an entrance paid, though very inexpensive). From a bastion roof Neva is visible “on all parties from fortress“, Both bridges of Spit of Vasilevsky Island, and Troitsk, and Foundry bridges - are visible perfectly.

At the same time when the people walking on a bastion roof reach the end of a route, there already no distance howitzers. It is very interesting to watch how at midday the retired officer - the gunner pulls descent, carrying out a shot. Very often instead of the officer “descent“ is pulled by various strangers. As a rule, it is guests of honor of the city, or just the people who won in some way “the right of a shot“.

There was time when the gun did not shoot. In 1934 r - r - revolutionary powers of Leningrad decided to tear with imperial heritage... And here in day of celebration 250 - the anniversaries of the city of a down on the Naryshkiny bastion started over again shooting every day at midday.

And if in the beginning signals of exact time came from Pulkovo Observatory by phone, then now shooting are guided on the sixth midday signal of Mayak radio station.