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What Ilyich`s defenders forget about?

At the State Meeting in August, 1917 Pyotr Alekseevich Kropotkin proposed unexpected for the devout anarchist - to proclaim Russia the republic. Provisional government listened to opinion of the famous revolutionary and on September 1, 1917 proclaimed Russia the republic, considering that the step will provide the world in the country and will eliminate its slipping in horror of Civil war.

the First who opposed the young Russian republic. And here in October, 1917 during a military takeover other Provisional government which was headed by Lenin comes to the power. The new government promises the world - to the people, the earth - to peasants, and the power - to Councils. But, as they say, the Bolshevist fairy tale affects soon, but not serious work is done soon.

When in January, 1918 Lenin understood that the Constituent assembly does not wish to obey to its dictatorship, it just dispersed this meeting, and those Councils which did not submit to requirements of Lenin party were dispersed at the same time, and in rural areas poor committees - for “help“ to peasants who received the promised earth were organized. So Lenin in October, 1917 allowed the Second Congress of Councils to elect himself the Chairman of new Provisional government, and here did not allow to re-elect himself any more … Plekhanov was

One of the main opponents of Lenin. Long before October, 1917 Plekhanov, estimating Lenin`s activity, noted that the Lenin principles of “democratic centralism“ are “Bonapartism policy, policy of the loop tightened on a neck of party“. In the article “Now Silence Is Impossible“ Plekhanov, criticizing Lenin, remembers lines from Nekrasov`s verses:

“Had a reputation for the clever man and in a mustache to itself did not blow,
Admirers in it saw the Messiah.
Got on a ministerial chair,
I - naglupit to all Russia!“

Plekhanov`s Prophecy came true. Lenin from a tribune of the XI congress recognized that after October, 1917 many nonsenses were allowed. However he right there, from a tribune of party congress, hurried to warn hated to it Mensheviks and Social Revolutionaries that those refrained from criticism. Addressing Mensheviks and Social Revolutionaries, Lenin told: “Allow to put you for it to a wall. Or you work to refrain from the statement of your views, or if you wish to state the political views at the present provision, then, sorry, we will handle as the worst and most harmful elements of a belogvardeyshchina“.

Exists many historic facts proving that Lenin`s words concerning punishment of dissidents by people were not empty threat.

In June, 1918, in five days after death Volodarsk, in two months prior to the announcement Sverdlov of “red terror“, Lenin sends the letter to Zinovyev in whom he is indignant with the fact that Petersburg “tsekist or pekist“ did not allow Petersburg workers to Petrograd Volodarsk to answer murder with mass terror.

In October, 1921 from a tribune of the II All-Russian congress of political educations Lenin told the following: “In Red Army after a dolgomesyachny mitingovaniye the discipline was such is that did not concede to discipline of former army. In it the strict, severe measures reaching executions, measures which were not entered by the former government were applied. Petty bourgeoises wrote and cried out: “Here Bolsheviks entered executions!“ We have to tell: “Yes, entered and entered quite consciously!“

Misters defenders of Ilyich! Who promised to obey to will of the Constituent assembly and who dispersed this meeting? Who set the mode of terror and violence in Russia, who was a supporter of introduction of the death penalty in Red Army and who threatened unaided opposition with executions? Who expelled from the country color of Russian intelligentsia as footmen of Popovtsy?

At the beginning of 1918 the patriarch Tikhon provided the bible narration in one of the first addresses to believers how attempt to construct the Babel tower ended with crash: “... our builders wish to create to themselves a name, the reforms and decrees to do much good not only the unfortunate Russian people, but also the whole world and even the people, more us cultural. And this haughty invention them will be comprehended by the same fate, as plans of Babylonians...“ What prevents Ilyich`s admirers to recognize that there was about what the patriarch Tikhon predicted?

V. I. Lenin, undoubtedly, large historic figure. This fact is not denied by his most irreconcilable opponents. However, in my opinion, V. I. Lenin does not need protection by those methods and those means which are afforded by Ilyich`s defenders, burying in oblivion various facts of history.