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The Internet - dependence of video a chat the benefit or harm?

Modern life it is difficult to present without surprising thing under the name the Internet. By means of it, it is possible that to do is and communication, search is necessary for information, and many other things. Now the Internet provides a set and entertaining resources which serve to brighten up our leisure. But at the same time there is a danger hit in dependence.

About the Internet - dependence scientists started talking in the middle of 90 - x years of last century. There was an identification big growth to games possible online behind which people could carry out by the whole days. Many cases are known that it led to deplorable results, such as, change of mentality, murder to sudetsit also many other things.

Today I want to focus attention on such segment of the Internet. How “Erotic video a chat“, I learned about it rather not long ago, and it became interesting to me what is it? I was registered on one of such chats. Also was horrified, it seemed to me that I got to communities of the anxious people in the physiological plan, but my opinion was wrong.

After long supervision, understood that a chat to serve not only satisfies physiological requirements, but still reveals also other problems. Such as. Problems in a family, enough chat had to be observed how inhabitants of a chat told models about the family problems, (Model - the girl or the woman from 18 to 70 years who works in video - a chat), and let models of a problem of his interlocutor do not concern, but 20 - 30% from them listen, thereby allow the person to express.

Yes the person at this moment tries will hang up freight of the problems on made not the familiar woman. Can on - seem that in real life he is a loser and at it everything is bad. - it far is not present, just in such a way the person states all that in real life on these or those at - to ranks cannot express. The chat serves as the excellent tool in the communicative plan of Video.

But here people to come to derive pleasure and in the sexual plan, to embody the imaginations, let it to occur virtually, but it to bring to the person satisfaction. As it seems to me, it is an indicator the relation between the man and the woman on my supervision only 20 - 30% who constantly are in this chat age from 18 to 40 have relations in real life. And 40% of those whom do not suit the relations which they have.

Then the question became interesting to me. What forces women to be engaged such “interesting“ profession as model? With some I got acquainted and made friends. Also it became clear that the dominating problem is not an opportunity to get a job, one of models to me in private conversation to leave in online, to have to be adjusted 1,5 - 2 hours morally to show the parts a body, thereby, to earn to itself a living.

The woman has to break herself in psychological the plan. But in addition, behind all this there are certain commercial structures which earn millions, on humiliations of the woman, it is possible to tell firmly that this slavery of women. And one main factors the psychological humiliation of women as the parties of their so-called owners so of a sostorona of inhabitants of a chat is here. Therefore, 60 - 70% to models to be heard the offensive language.

Also there is one more category of models which to come to a chat or just on - to communicate, or to show the creativity, for example to a song to the guitar, thereby showing the talents, they also earn by it.

In the conclusion I want to tell that video a chat is a certain outlet at all it different, but really fast virtual life to replace with time to the person real? It is terribly Misters.