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How to bring up the ideal wife?

Lovely ladies, this article it is written only for men. Do not spend the precious time for its reading as the discussed subject will for you at all not is interesting and can cause indignation or even indignation.

So, dear gentlemen, we will begin, perhaps, so far women are busy with the affairs. Probably, some of you reflect, whether not to make to me a family, imagining a cozy house nest, the careful beautiful wife and kids - little rascals who frolic in the nursery. It is necessary to dream as each dream can become reality. But for this purpose it is necessary to make some efforts.

We will take paper and a pencil and we will outline large dabs as it is possible to imagine the ideal wife.

1. It has to be attractive and well-groomed at any time. As it will do it - it is not your care.

2. At once it is necessary to think over a question: it will work or only to be engaged in a household. The wife is a housewife causes negative associations: it something eternally shaggy, in the bedraggled dressing gown and the worn-out bedroom-slippers. Let`s stop on option - the working wife. If your salary is not too big, then additional money which the wife can bring to the house will be useful.

3. The wife`s duties in time, free from the main work, will consist in washing of things and cleaning of the apartment. Washing is not a problem. Until it dusts and vacuum, belyishko will be already washed and wrung out. An indispensable condition of cleaning - to make it when you there is no house. Noise of the vacuum cleaner and messing around of the wife before eyes will not add romanticism to your relations.

4. Important point - purchase of products and cooking. Products the wife can do shopping in the next supermarket for the road from work home. To bring couple of bags will not make it special work. From work she is obliged to prepare for your return for dinner your favourite dish, it is beautiful to lay a table and at the same time on her face there has to be a friendly smile and any signs of fatigue. You worked the whole day and deserved the right to have a rest and relax in a house situation.

5. The wife should not ask you silly questions of type: what about you at work; what you were engaged today in; when you go to business trip. Discussion of your office affairs with the wife is a taboo for her. She has to remember it once and for all.

6. Bringing up the ideal wife, it is necessary to disaccustom her to any girlfriends. It should put some idea that her best friend is your mother. If she wants to talk or get about something a wise advice, she can call the mother-in-law and to discuss everything with it.

7. It is necessary to agree with the wife that she never touched your things amicably. For example, the night before you returned from a corporate party being able “being“, in the morning you have to find the things in those places where they were left. Nothing that one boot remained in a hall, another in a bathroom, and socks appeared on a kitchen table. All things have to remain on the places until you opened eyes and remembered where you scattered them when tried to undress.

8. The following item follows from previous. The ideal wife under any pretext should not find out where you nalakatsya yesterday and why were home zapolnoch. It not its business.

9. Holidays and gifts. The wife never has to even hint you that she has a birthday or on March 8 tomorrow. You define when and what to present to it and whether it is worth inviting her in restaurant. She should explain it from the very beginning of your acquaintance.

10. If your holidays do not coincide with the wife, then it is not necessary to do the tragedy from this. For example, you have a holiday in May. You want to have a rest at full scale, behind heavy winter, a depression, and you deserved the rest. You can go to some exotic country, say, to Thailand. In May is warmly there, it is a lot of sun, greens. For strengthening of health - the Thai massage, beautiful girls … The ideal wife should not even a story eyebrow, having learned about your holiday plans. If it has a holiday at the end of summer, then she can quite carry out it at the dacha with your mother, being engaged in preparations and zakrutka for the winter. During week-end you will help women to transport heavy banks and boxes to the city. The wife in the fresh air will get prettier and her closest girlfriend always nearby.

11. Of course, the ideal wife has to be charming, attractive, sensitive and sexual. And in a bed - it is an insatiable lioness.

If you feel that in you there lives the tutor and the trainer, then safely begin education of the wife that she became, really, ideal. Your requirements to ideality of the spouse can vary therefore the first step - drawing up the list - has huge value.

But keep in mind that the ideal woman on whose creation you worked so much once can abandon you and leave to another. It means that you in vain spent time and forces on education of the ungrateful companion of life.

Perhaps it is worth coming back to Earth and to look at that which near you? Yes, it is far from an ideal, but it such darling, careful, and to you with it is so good and comfortable!