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What is absinthe liqueur and whether it is worth learning to drink it?

Absinthe liqueur - wormwood vodka with a strength of 70-75 degrees. In the course of production add the different accompanying herbs to this strong alcoholic drink - a melissa, an anise, a juniper and so forth. Spirit solution, infused on herbs, is overtaken once again. Color of drink - greenish.

Emergence of modern absinthe liqueur was preceded by different wine drinks with application of a wormwood. So, in Ancient Greece there was a custom - to bring to the winner in chariots races a bowl with wormwood wine. Bitter taste of wine reminded of what the victory and glory have not only the pleasant, but also bitter parties. Wormwood tinctures different diseases ancient Aesculapians treated.

Only in the 18th century there was an absinthe liqueur which recipe is used to this day. For the first time industrial production of this drink was arranged in the French city of Pontarlye. In the 19th century production of absinthe liqueur became already whole industry. There were even clubs of fans of absinthe liqueur. To the nineteenth century knew about absinthe liqueur already in Switzerland and America.

However the universal hobby for this drink soon entailed unexpected consequences. The people who were often using absinthe liqueur except usual post-alcoholic symptoms, had elements of inadequate behavior, temporary madness, attacks and convulsions. Representatives of creative bohemia, where absinthe liqueur was exclusively popular, gave it the picturesque name - “the green fairy“, “a green muse“ - for its ability to cause in consciousness of a hallucination and fantastic visions.

Paying a tribute to favourite drink, Van Gogh wrote a still life with a decanter and a glass of absinthe liqueur, E. Degas - the picture “Absinthe liqueur“, Pablo Picasso modeled a sculpture under the name “Glass of Absinthe Liqueur“.

Studying effect of drink on a live organism, scientists came to a conclusion that the substance emitted from wormwood extract - tuyon is the main reason for harmful effects, motive functions and the breath which is negatively influencing a brain of the person, breaking. Absinthe liqueur began to be called even more often “a green damnation of France“. In 1912 in America there was a law on an absinthe liqueur ban, then it was forbidden also in some other countries.

Admirers of absinthe liqueur organized actions in support of favourite drink, long time went its underground production and illegal sale.

Today production and consumption of wormwood vodka is forbidden in the USA, France, Switzerland and some other the European countries. However Spain and the Czech Republic continue to make absinthe liqueur, however, with a little changed compounding. Some producers considerably reduced the maintenance of a wormwood in drink, someone refused it in general. Spicy plants, generally - an anise became replacement. The Czech Republic is in the lead in this direction.

In Russia the brand of the Czech Hills absinthe liqueur was available for official sale of the first. It is very popular. But true fans and admirers of “the green fairy“ prefer the King of Spirits brand. Our domestic producers of alcohol let out brand absinthe liqueur Vincent Van Gogh. It is the first brand of the Russian producer. Fans highly appreciated it enough. Perhaps, from - for higher content of that tuyon, as became the ban reason hundred years ago.

So to drink or not to drink this drink? As well as in any situation, the decision is made by the person. As absinthe liqueur nevertheless exists quite legally and, on assurances of experts, the compounding of its threat for an organism does not represent, we will take for an axiom - it is possible to drink. How many, where and with whom - depends on a situation, opportunities and good breeding of the consumer. And here is how to drink? The question is not idle. It is not simple vodka - poured, drank, has a snack... Here is important the ritual creating the necessary mood and taste of drink.

Recognized ways of consumption of absinthe liqueur not and much. Let`s consider the main, checked by time and recommended by experts.

A way first , it is classical. So drank absinthe liqueur in France.
In a glass pour absinthe liqueur. The special silver strainer is put on a glass and place in it a sugar piece. On sugar pour ice water. The proportion is established to taste.

Way second . The sugar put in a tea spoon is watered with absinthe liqueur, set fire and melt to a condition of caramel. Then pour out caramel in absinthe liqueur, add ice water, stir slowly and drink.

A way third - in the form of cocktail. Mix absinthe liqueur at choice - with orange, pineapple juice, tonic or lemonade - and add ice.

Way fourth . Professional. Drink purely strongly cooled.

According to experts, use of sweet components allows to soften action of a tuyon and impacts to absinthe liqueur worthy relish, excitingly spicy, mysterious, as well as the name of drink.