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How to force itself to work?

Each of us always seek to become better. The thought that as is, cannot proceed any more arises sometimes suddenly. Even if the idea is concealed in subconsciousness for a long time, we usually wave away from it, amusing ourselves with illusions that day and hour when everything changes by itself on wave of a magic wand will come.

When for a long time changes everything is does not occur, we solve: “Everything, I have had enough! Tomorrow I … will go on a diet, I will play sports, I will leave off smoking, I will call the loved one whom did not see long ago, I will begin repair, I will be engaged in searches of new work etc.!“

But comes tomorrow - and again nothing occurs. There are justifications why actions can be postponed, the circumstances which are crossing out a possibility of changes, and other reasons which are not allowing to realize the desirable are found.

So, trying to discover obstacles in a way of implementation of ideas, we refuse that important that could make us better, to ennoble in the eyes. As a rule, similar installations do not bear to us anything good. Tomorrow will be filled with the new events supported with other important plans for the future. And then, like a bolt from the blue, one fine day we refuse before the fact: “There are no things suitable by the size, the serious diagnosis is made, on repair because of neglect huge expenses are required, work became just intolerable, and there is no spare airfield and“...

It leads to failures, frustration, depressions.

But if to force itself to work, without putting off what can be made today, all - is problematic, it is possible to bring closer desirable results by means of the following steps:

1. Write down on paper

As soon as the idea about need of changes visited you, reflect it in paper. The best option will be to attach a leaflet with intention on the refrigerator, so you will be able to fix most often the attention on desire that will automatically allow a thicket to think of ways of realization.

2. Define motivation

Is good on the same sheet of paper opposite to each point to display the end result. For example, new work - higher income, pleasure, self-realization; refusal of smoking - fresh breath, cheerfulness, a healthy smell and complexion etc. Creation of motivation is an excellent way for reduction of terms on thoughts on purpose quicker to receive desirable result.

3. Share plans

the Person can be guided by opinion on himself of people around. So, having shared plans about a good intention, it will be much more difficult to refuse its performance. To be unworthy not only in the eyes, but also in the opinion of those who believe in you, always uncomfortably. Seeking to avoid a similar outcome, you make planned with the doubled forces.

4. Find to yourself the partner

Always simpler and more cheerful to fight against vital peripetias together. The girlfriend, the friend, the colleague, the loved one dividing your plans will stimulate you not to throw implementation of a task halfway. The chance will best of all and more successfully allow to begin to move forward easily. And the exchange of thoughts, information and experiment on an important question will be very useful.

5. You praise yourself

Since the very first day you are proud that decided to work, you praise yourself for the fact that you build the destiny, to visible results note that everything turns out as it is necessary. Having created positive mood, it is possible to reach unknown heights in any field of activity what to speak about own desire, interest in which above all!