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Ivan Kupala`s holiday

Ivan Kupala`s Holiday

Ivan Kupala - a festival of water and
fire on July 6 - Agrafena Kupalnitsa (Day of memory of the martyr Agrippina).
on July 7 - Ivan Kupala (Christmas of the honest nice Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist Gospodnyaioann).
on July 12 - Petra - Pavla (Day of memory of pervoverkhovny apostles Pyotr and Pavel).

One of the most poetical holidays of the Ukrainian ceremonial calendar. Kupalsky fires inspired on creativity not only great Nikolay Gogol, and and many other writers and poets. The church this day celebrates Ivan Krestitel`s Christmas. In pre-Christian time Slavs celebrated Kupayl`s holiday, that is the Sun. By merge of Christian and pagan traditions Ivan Kupala`s holiday was also formed.

In half of June the midday sun reaches the highest point in the sky and in such situation remains for some time which is called a summer solstice. Then, having reached full manifestation of the creative power, it turns on the winter way, having lost the regal power over nature, the zhivonosny force, and begins to go down below and below slowly on the heavenly mountain; days begin to decrease. All nature, having as if a presentiment of the close old age, hurries to lead full life. The last month cuckooes a cuckoo, the last strange song is sung by the ringing voice by a nightingale, and soon, soon and other singing birdies will quiet down. Bathing night the shortest - this night nobody has to sleep. In the captivated Kupalsky Night trees are moved from place to place and talk with each other by means of a rustle of leaves; animals and even herbs which are filled with special, miracle force this night talk among themselves. All terrestrial potion - byly this Night receives supernatural power: both angry, and kind. Night herbs blossom Fire. Are that - black paporot, the tsar - the tsar, a lion, a pigeon and others. Other color flares a motionless, strong flame, other has an appearance of a lightning, flying, illusive fire. A grass a lion, - it is told about one of them in the most ancient of Zaleynikov, - grows it is small, and a look as the lion seems. In day also you will not notice it, it shines at night. On it two colors, one yellow, and at other night as the candle burns. About it nearby there is no grass and which also is, and that admired it. And here that is told about a marvelous grass of film gate: Though what storm, it bows on the East all trunks; the same if to wind is not present. The fern which reveals strong ognenno - red (from a distance crimson) slightly flickering color only for several moments in Kupalsky Night gives the chance found it to guess future

It is known that and this custom now well remained, the main entertainment of evening on Ivan Kupala are jumps through a fire. However, and to lonely girls is, than to be engaged on a holiday. Unfortunate in love to charm the elect, it is recommended at midnight on Ivan Kupala three times to run all over around a rye field. It is desirable naked. While the naked beauty rushes circles, the beloved will dream her, and for the morning will understand that it also is that one and only which he looked for all life.

Upon termination of cheerful actions it is possible to go to have a rest. It does not concern, only the most courageous and pure in heart which have a chance to find a magic flower of a fern and to receive all terrestrial treasures. But you remember: the way to a flower is protected by evil spirit and terrestrial riches which it opens, yet nobody good was brought. Was considered that on Ivan Kupala witches celebrate the holiday which consists in the strengthened causing the evil to people. Like, at witches the water boiled with ashes of a kupalsky fire and on Ivan Kupala is stored, having sprinkled itself this water, the witch could fly very quietly where to it will take in head.

In day of Ivan Kupala tried to recover dew for this purpose it is necessary to rise as soon as possible and to walk barefoot on curative kupalsky dew. This day there took place mass collecting medicative herbs. Special curative force the kupalsky grass gathers to sunrise, and so, as they say Who gets up early, and God gives that!

The veseena - a summer cycle Wreaths served as obligatory head decoration of girls in ceremonies and games. So, in an East Slavic ceremony of wires of the mermaid for the masked mermaid spun a special Wreath with addition of a nettle or did many Wreaths, padevy their masked on the head, a neck, on hands, covering all with wreaths. The subsequent destruction of these Wreaths (their ejection on a cemetery, in water, in a fire, etc.) symbolized the act of exile of the mermaid.

In Ukraine hitherto still the following ceremony escaped: girls whose heads are taken away by wreaths from herbs fragrant, festive attires, and guys, dashingly having broken aslant the caps too cleaned in the flowers are going on the eve of day of Kupala to in advance defined place to a tree to a madder or the chernoklen covered by wreaths and tapes; under this tree put the made of straw tiny, and sometimes and big god - Kupala dressed in a female shirt and a plakhta with a monistochka on a neck and a wreath on the head. Tables with snack and inevitable gorilka are right there placed. water having fallen. Bathed on Ivan!

In Belarus drive in on the eve of Ivanov day after solar calling a stake into the earth; lay over it straw and konoply, and to the very top too put a bunch of the straw called by Kupaloyu; only smerknt, light, straw, throw in this fire of birch boughs, and funs begin. In some places Belorussy, with Ivanov`s dawn of day, having chosen the most beautiful girl from the environment, girlfriends strip her naked, entangle from legs to the head wreaths and in the flowers, tie with a scarf eyes and conduct in the wood where she who got this time a nickname dzevko - bathed, distributes in advance prepared wreaths, moves to that udder as a cheerful round dance around it. To whom the fresh wreath got, that will lead rich and happy life, is married and which got a faded wreath, that happiness - a share not to bachit, live at not share.

In Moscow it was since ancient times celebrated Kupala on three mountains, and in St. Petersburg on the Petrovsky island on Kullerberg where also our aristocracy came around. Several years ago on the last made kupalsky fires, arranged round dances and feasted. In 10 versts from St. Petersburg, on the Riga road, there was in old time a linden which branches were weaved with branches of other trees, forming as if a natural arbor in which Peter the Great had a rest more than once. Gathered and here on the eve of Kupala, made fires on which, by the way, burned a white rooster. It is necessary to notice that in later times the kupalsky fire was replaced with a heap of a nettle, owing to prohibition of the Ivanovo fires spiritual and temporal powers.

But most of all I like this holiday in Latvia!
the Pagan holiday of Ligo (on June 24) in Latvia - the most ancient and the most favourite. It is celebrated at the state level of the whole three days. It is a peculiar New year - only in the summer. Only the role of fir-trees is carried out by birches. There are peculiar Father Frost and the Snow Maiden are those who bear names - Yannis and Liga. Only not they give gifts, and to them, they have name-day. Ligo is marked out in one of the shortest nights of year. By all means have to present to the birthday man Yannis an oak wreath. And League - a wreath from wild flowers. Quite so they can be distinguished from the others. Therefore these goods in the city in great demand. Fairs in Riga continually. Indispensable attributes of Ligo - beer and cheese. On a holiday table they have to be obligatory. And cheese has to be with caraway seeds. On national beliefs, it is the best of all to chew the caraway seeds which are coming across in segments well - then all misfortunes will be gone. To Ligova night it is necessary to bathe - and to jump through a fire. In order that it was lighter - light barrels on poles at night. Barrels highly lift and light that it was visible on the neighboring farm that here already celebrate Ligo. Dances and songs have to continue all night long. During this time young people have to find the blossoming fern in the wood. If find - will be happy. On a legend, it blossoms to Yanova night. For centuries-old history of a holiday its truth did not find, but experts claim that this custom improves a demographic situation in the country

the Holiday included the following ceremonies and rituals:
fire jumps through a fire (or a nettle)
rolling a wheel a cult of
fire in the ancient time prayers for a rain - Rusaliya
bathing, douche
cherpany dews a cult of
water in the ancient time the Green Christmas-tide;
a legend of the fern flower blossoming this night;
of a popular belief that trees this night say that the herbs collected on Ivan Kupala have miracle force;
of guessing on bouquets about weddings a cult of vegetation

Ceremonies and fortune-telling


On the night of Ivan Kupala big fire from boughs and straw is made and jump through fire from running start, and, the successful jump if the flame does not concern jumping and will not be sparks, - designates a marriage or good luck. GUESSING CONDITIONS All fortune-telling, and also change of a mask, i.e. a masquerade, were condemned by church in due time and were considered as business dirty. That is why in folk customs time of fortune-telling was surely dated to 12 - ti to one o`clock in the morning. Christmas-tide, night under new year, under a baptism, and in the summer - day of Ivan Kupala are considered as the most successful days of guessing. Usually in old times, consecrations of water, guessing and masked in day, on a baptism, without looking on any frost, were dipped into ice-holes, washing away these the sins.

PUSKANIYE of the WREATH On Ivan Kupala to throw into the river a wreath from a birch: if sinks - death, will float - to marry, to the coast will beat - to be unmarried.

A characteristic sign of Ivan Kupaly-the numerous customs and legends connected with flora. The herbs and flowers collected in Ivanov day put dew under Ivanova, dry up and preserve them, esteeming more curative, than collected in other time. Fumigate with them patients, fight against evil spirits, throw them into the flooded furnace during a thunder-storm to protect the house from a lightning stroke, use them and for kindling of love or for an otsushka. In day of Ivan Kupala girls twist wreaths from herbs: Ivan - yes - Marya, a burdock, a bogoroditsky grass and a bear ear; start up these wreaths on water in the evening, observing as well as where they float. If the wreath sinks, so the promised stopped loving and not to marry it. From the wonderful herbs collected at this time it is worth calling plakun - a grass which special force, according to peasants, is concluded in its root having property to banish an evil ghost; the owner of a root will inspire to himself fear; terlych - the grass is used for a charm of guys by girls: they carry it at themselves in the bosom and keep saying: Terlich, terlich, boys poklich! The grass a chernobylnik, on a national belief, is opposite to witches and protects from them the house and the yard. It is braided in a lash and put under Ivanova dew with a sentence: Mother - the earth, the father - the sky, give to your slaves from this grass of health! The grass of zyabliyets helps from childish shout and from sleeplessness; powder with the dried-up rasperstiyets sore points on TV cuts, abscesses, tumors; the shepherd`s bag was prepared long since as good styptic cure for various bleedings; having rheumatism collected a burning nettle in a large number; for treatment of wounds, burns stocked up with hare cabbage; on a case of colds, cough it was necessary to have houses mother - the stepmother, a marjoram, a Labrador tea.

For night of Ivan Kupala it is necessary to catch a live viper, to pass a white thread through her eyes, and this thread to stitch some of clothing of the elect. I cannot guarantee degrees of force of this way - did not try, but if you really decided to charm in such a way and, risking own life, also you mock at a live creature, then it is true love.