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“Love Will Tear Us Apart“. How the song about love which destroys was created? To birthday of the leader of JOY DIVISION group Jan Curtice of

(already gloomy) differently, as through a prism of tragic death of her leader is difficult to consider creativity of JOY DIVISION group Today. Which - which of critics was even expressed in that spirit that at last among a post - the punk there was that, “who really meant about what sang“ .

The group arose in Manchester - the former industrial center of Britain which to 1970 - the m turned to years into the depressive depressive city. Perhaps for this reason Manchester became one of the centers the punk - revolutions, and his urbanistic rhythms imprinted in songs JOY DIVISION.

At the Manchester concert of SEX PISTOLS three former messmates - Bernard Sammer, Peter Hook and Terry Mason - met the oddish guy Jan Curtice - young, twenty-year-old, but at the same time already married. In his face the new group obtained not only the vocalist, but also the poet. Yang in general was a guy widely-read, and at him the whole folder with poetic sketches lay at home.

Having replaced several names and the drummer (Mason Stephen Morris replaced), the group decided to name itself JOY DIVISION - “The Division of Pleasures (Pleasure)“. Actually nothing joyful in this name was. The idea was obtained from the sadomasochist trashy book of Karol Ketinski “House of Dolls“ (“the House of Dolls“), and there “dzhy divizhn“ meant a peculiar symbiosis of a concentration camp and brothel where nazis were humoured by the Jewish girls.

In spite of the fact that the young group plainly was not able to play (and Curtice not always got to notes), it quickly enough subdued a bohemian party the power and charisma. And already the popular TV host Tony Wilson names JOY DIVISION the most perspective group of Manchester and concludes with it the contract. In 1979 there is the first longply under the name “Unknown Pleasures“ (“Unknown pleasures“).

The main “architect of a sound“ JOY DIVISION became Martine Hannet. It is necessary to tell, first it was not pleasant to members of group of a method of the producer. If earlier the group sounded damp and wildishly, then now each tool was registered distinctly and accurately. For example, percussions registered several times - separately party of a barrel, separately plates. As a result that laconic and original sound to which many future stars a post - the punk will begin to imitate was born.

To the forefront it was brought pulsing a rhythm - section. Drums began to sound mechanically - monotonously. Especially unusually sounded a bass - a guitar which not only that conducted the melodic line, so also played it on very high octaves. The clanking guitar and a vocal, on the contrary, “were taken away“ on a background that gave them some otherworldly sounding. Curtice`s execution by something reminded meditative singsongs of Jim Morisson. The special impression was made that words were often sung with detachment, with such tranquility from which goosebumps crept on skin.

As a matter of fact, creativity of group represented what will become known subsequently as “Gothic fate“. Though at JOY DIVISION “gothic style“ it was deprived of esthetic peacockery and a frightening make-up, nevertheless, they gave to this genre rather accurate creative criteria. From now on strong lyrical texts, mystical attitude, notorious “world melancholy“, self-scrutiny and passive detachment will be characteristic of Gothic fate.

Curtice`s behavior on a scene was not less original: its convulsive movements reminded dance of the broken robot. On a bitter twist of fate soon to the vocalist of JOY DIVISION there will be the real epileptic seizure...

It is interesting that even before when Curtis worked in service of employment of disabled people, he got acquainted with the girl - the epileptic. And once she did not come to interview - as it became clear, died of an attack. It made strong impression on Jan, and he wrote a lyrics of “She`s Lost Control“ (“She lost control“).

And now epilepsy affected Jan. It was impossible to drink, to bed late to go, be under the blinking light of spotlights. Therefore life fate - the musician only aggravated an illness. Attacks began to occur directly on a scene.

The depression was aggravated also by problems in private life of Curtis. He was fond of the fan - Belgian Annick Honore, but at the same time did not want to throw also the wife Deborah with the daughter. Many consider that this family drama and led to birth of the best-known song JOY DIVISION with the paradoxical name “Love Will Tear Us Apart“ (“The love will tear us to parts“).

Actually Yang never wrote music, but in creation of songs was directly involved. Musicians played the sketches, and it picked up some riff and turned it into the song. So it happened also to “Love Will Tear Us Apart“. When the bass player Peter Hook strummed a melody, Yang said: “About! I have an idea“. Next day it brought the text, and the song was made literally in 3 hours.

Other participants of JOY DIVISION admitted that not especially listened attentively to Jan`s texts and realized them only after his death.

Peter Hook:

“When he sang it for us, we did not think: “About - about! It about Debbie and Annick“, we just thought - it ofigitelno (sounds) - “Love Will Tear Us Apart“.... Definitely, I would not like that the similar song was written about me“.
However if the instruction on the fact that the song was written in August, 1979, then there is a question is faithful to

: how it could be about the mistress and the wife if the singer got acquainted with Annick only in the fall - during the first European tours of group?

Anyway, epilepsy and the family drama really tore Curtis`s mentality to parts. He became closed, refused to step on the stage and even thought of leaving group. And again irony: career of JOY DIVISION just only gained steam. Despite love to group among critics, plates were not sold in million copies yet, did not conquer peaks a hit - parades.

1980 has to be to become for group critical. The next album “Closer“ with more atmospheric and electronic sound was written down. “Love Will Tear Us Apart“ did not enter an album, but prepared for the edition on a single for what the unfortunate song was rewritten by at least three times. Though personally I most of all like the first - more vigorous - the version which was heard in John Peele`s broadcast in November, 1979 than that pale copy that will leave on a plate.

It is interesting that for this song to Jan for some reason decided to put off a guitar in hands and taught one chord which he honestly took in the right place.

To “Love Will Tear Us Apart“ also the simple self-made video - the first and the last, removed during lifetime of group was shot.

The tragedy happened on May 18, 1980 when Yang had to go together with group to the first American tours. The day before there was a dramatic conversation with Deborah who was tired of changes and demanded divorce. After leaving of the wife to parents Curtis listened to Iggy Pop`s plate of “Idiot“ and watched Verner Gertsoga`s movie “Stroszek“ (about the musician who went to America, but did not find there happiness and committed suicide directly in the amusement park). Then wrote the confused letter to Deborah about torments between “heart and conscience“, left a note ( “Now I want only one - to die. I cannot cope with any more all this“ ) and hung myself on a linen rope in the morning...

The last bitter irony in destiny of JOY DIVISION was that, as the album, and a single made resounding success when the group - the fact was not any more. “Love Will Tear Us Apart“ occupied in the British charts 13 - e the place, and “Closer“ - 6 - e.

What to hide, the suicide aura right there transferred group to the category cult, at once increased sale and the first album which was bought inertly before.

On “Love Will Tear Us Apart“ the huge number of covers (speak, there is even a divorce kontroa with such name) was written down, and in 2012 the New Musical Express edition declared composition “the best song of all times“.

That to the remained participants of JOY DIVISION, they organized new group NEW ORDER and again achieved success. But it is already other history...

P. S.: Songs and covers it is possible to listen in 1 - m to comments to this article.