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What is the motherhood?

the Phenomenon of motherhood was repeatedly considered and studied by scientists - psychologists, philosophers, geneticists, and not only foreign. Regularly approach motherhood from various parties, trying to understand and explain its essence. On the one hand, the phenomenon inexplicable, with another - available and clear.

Why one mothers carefully watch the babies, and others refuse them and leave to the mercy of fate?

The motherhood is a manifestation of big love to the little child which begins to be put during the first hours conceptions of a fruit, but not at all when the kid is born. Mother is the most important person in life of the child therefore and such important part is assigned to motherhood. But in what all - its essence?

In - the first, the motherhood is first of all emotional proximity with the child. Sometimes after difficult delivery the woman loses emotional contact with the kid and can fall into a postnatal depression which affects motherhood negatively. In such situation mother can try to refuse the child. It is very important that at such moments reliable people, psychologists were near and helped mother to show the maternal feelings properly. The lack of love in early years of life results in “incompleteness“ and emotional underdevelopment of the person.

In - the second, the motherhood is a manifestation of the best qualities of the identity of the person, in particular mothers. It warmly maternal soul, inexplicable unconditional love to the baby and, at last, invisible the armed look, power communication with the little man. It is caress, tenderness, corporal contacts, so necessary for the kid.

In - the third, the motherhood is an ability to meet the small happiness, ability to create a sufficient self-assessment that he did not feel guilty complex before mother at the child. It is formed from the first moments of life when the baby is sure that his beloved mother nearby. She feeds him, presses to herself, tenderly embraces, and the child is sure that it is not one.

There are, however, different mothers. One rigid and imperious, vigorous and energetic, at the same time loves the child, does not abandon him. But by the child it is perceived as an aggressor and the opponent that does not promote the correct development of the identity of the child and affects his further life. Another, on the contrary, too soft, everything allows and by that indulges the child who, growing, becomes uncontrollable.

“Mother has such feelings which belong to area of her sexual life for the small child: in the course of care of the child she caresses and kisses it, that is treats it as with some kind of sexual object“. Wrote known
Z about it. Freud. Mother considers such actions asexual and manifestation of “pure“ maternal love. But all tendernesses in relation to the child by all means will affect his sexuality. And all this motherhood.

Perhaps, in this article not all subtleties and not all essence of motherhood as this question is regularly brought up by any public organizations, scientific community and ordinary people are opened. One that the motherhood as the main manifestation of the woman having the child had exclusively positive character as mother is sacred is important.