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How you will begin day, so and you will spend it?

Life is full of surprises and, unfortunately, not always pleasant. It becomes especially sad when one of the most usual days is crowded with the surprises which are not bringing joy. Nobody foreknows

how many troubles can fall to lot of the most ordinary person during only one usual not set day. To count “losses“ it turns out only by the evening.

Here and today the destiny is not favorable to me. How many time heard: as you will begin day, so and you will spend it. Did not trust popular wisdom, laughed in a face … And today it was punished for the scepticism.

In the morning the alarm clock did not work. It would seem, nonsense, but from this point all also went wrong way … At least, delay for work, in school, kindergarten is provided. Besides lack of a normal breakfast does not add enthusiasm in the first half of day. As ill luck would have it, the director wanted before to see clear me eyes when I still desperately got stuck in a traffic jam. Trifle? Of course, to whom does not happen, the director goes on the same road and perfectly knows what there traffic jams.

... And here children are brought on destinations, I already parked at the favourite building where every day I carry out nearly half-lives, already joyfully I climb steps - and I see, how in slow-motion shot, flight of a heel … You should not pay attention to such trifle? Of course, I in an office have a spare couple, but what a pity favourite shoes, I bought them quite recently, spent so much time at choice and money paid considerable.

Having limped gradually to an office, I find out that my key from an office, most likely, took for today time off and safely lies to itself on a house bedside table … At me even hair rose for rage on this villain … You will tell that it is nonsense too? Of course, the supply manager has spare keys, but he still should be found, and with the broken heel not really - that is easy to move in space when colleagues continually meet production questions, being urgent …

But here I, at last, in an office changed, almost happy, I sit important in the chair, I resolve an issue on a subscription with the librarian and suddenly I feel that the chair under me tilted as a padded destroyer … Yes what is it how many it will proceed?! Already I do not even restrain in expressions, damning so “successful“ day in my life.

The drunk coffee, apparently, normalized my nerves loosened to a limit a little. Villages for the computer in hope to make for the fatherland though something useful, performing the direct work. But not here - that was, computer freezes, probably, having caught from me a virus of the negative endured in a day … “Of course, Andryusha, it is a trifle“, - I agreed with the come to the rescue system administrator, glancing the twitching eye for hours and considering, what is the time remained until the end of the working day …

After a lunch the director remembered that I to it did not come yet. “Perhaps is not necessary?“ - with entreaty in a voice I spoke by phone. But the chief was unshakable and, unlike the computer, is less sensitive to the fluids of troubles proceeding from me. Having put before me a heap of tasks which need to be solved in the shortest possible time, even without having taken an interest in my state of mind though at me and without words by this time already everything on a face was written, the director sent me to work, blessing with words: “Also hurry up!“

But here, fortunately, and came the working day to an end. Having taken away children from educational institutions and having safely arrived home, I reflected: or perhaps today`s troubles are just combination of circumstances, and popular wisdom is perfect at anything here? Who knows?.