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Useful berry? Of course, cucumber!

Guests unexpected... and to treat there is nothing. I watch in the refrigerator, and there bank of pickles, cheese and mayonnaise, in the freezer the piece of a govyadinka hid. I rejoice - guests hungry will not leave, I will organize a smart party in east style: la azy. Thanks to cucumbers for revenue. Cucumbers on a dining table are not noticed by

any more, so they are habitual as a saltcellar and a pepperbox which it is continued at business. To you to salt or pepper? Service of them such. At cucumbers not less responsible business - to guard health. Also our cucumbers - good fellows perfectly well serve.

What berry such is? It is not the reservation and not a joke. Vegetable which is familiar to us since the early childhood, at all, and not vegetable, but berry. And also unripe. So, at least, her ancient Greeks - a real name to it called “agourus“ that unripe berry means.

Scientists - botanists ranked a cucumber as such relatives as a water-melon and pumpkin, having called them false berries. The homeland of cucumbers - the tropical regions of Asia. In India in ancient times cucumbers were especially esteemed as food and as medicine. From Asian tropics they gradually extended also to other countries.

But in Greece where received an official name, berries unripe were to the taste not - probably, to ancient Greeks was from what to elect. In the Mediterranean countries in honor other vegetables.

The cucumber reached Russia in the 18th century, and since then it is one of the most favourite vegetables on each dining table. You can call it and berry - you will not be mistaken. Than this berry is useful?

In spite of the fact that the cucumber generally consists of water, it contains a set of mineral substances, irreplaceable at endocrinological diseases, and also at violation of warm system and diseases of kidneys.

At a cucumber very small caloric content (only 15,4 kcal) that gives the chance to use it in various dietary dishes. At a metabolic disorder and obesity fresh cucumbers salads need to be included in a diet. Besides 7 vitamin B (biotin), available in cucumbers, is responsible for release of energy from connections which contain calories.

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are a part of cucumbers. So, proteins 0,8 g, fats - 0,1 g, carbohydrates - 3 g contain. In addition, in them there is mono - and bioses, starch, organic acids.

Vitamins B cucumbers are presented by group of vitamins B, With, E. From group B contains in cucumbers 3 vitamin B (nicotinic acid). The lack of this vitamin is shown in bad mood and in sleep disorders.

If often flow hands and legs, and wounds badly begin to live - cucumbers also should be included in the diet. 5 vitamin B (pantothenic acid) which contains in them is responsible for regeneration of fabrics and interferes with penetration through injuries of skin of various infections.

Cucumbers are useful to pregnant women as content of 9 vitamin B in them (folic acid) promotes normal pre-natal development of the child.

The cucumber is rich with such substances as potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and chlorine. There is in it an iodine, manganese, fluorine, copper and molybdenum. Each of these elements is necessary to us in this or that dose, and the use of cucumbers is favorable for all organism in general.

Potassium in cucumbers contributes to normalization of arterial pressure, helps at cardiac arrhythmia. Content of potassium in cucumbers well and for kidneys as cucumbers - an excellent diuretic, their use removes hypostases.

Cucumbers also help work of intestines, restoring its tone as organic acids which contain in them, influence motility. This unripe berry at ulcer diseases of a stomach is useful.

And there is more to come: cucumbers promote reduction of a kamneobrazovaniye in a gall bladder and zhelchevyvodyashchy ways. You should not miss also that the use of cucumbers prevents adjournment of salts and helps with fight against arthritises.

But before going on a medical cucumber diet, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician. There are also contraindications about which you will be told by the doctor.

Where this wonderful product still finds application? Except cookery, cucumbers are widely used in cosmetology. Various masks, lotions, wipings, creams on a cucumber basis are everywhere applied in the medical and cosmetology purposes.

Masks from fresh cucumbers are very effective. They have the bleaching effect, as well as parsley. And this natural means which is not containing harmful chemical additives. Though it is worth noticing that men like face freckles at girls - it gives a highlight to the beauty.

Glorifying advantages of our cucumber, it is necessary to tell that vegetable is awarded not only a holiday in his honor, but also a monument. In the summer of 2003 in the village of Istobinsk the monument from bronze was established to the vegetable loved by all. And in 2007 the memorable sign is delivered to a cucumber in Lukhovitsy.

About the Suzdal festivals devoted to the most beloved snack of all people - to a cucumber, know not only in Russia, but also around the world. Annually Ancient Suzdal invites guests to celebration of Day of a cucumber. Competitions, songs, dancings in honor of our hero sound at this festival. Take a look at our sort!