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And if verses, then in a format?

Perhaps, it from a spring aggravation, but began to bring me in an off topic from “humble prose“ on a poetry minefield. How it occurs? “Let`s begin, perhaps?“ without tiresome prefaces.

Somehow quite recently I open on the monitor fresh No. of “Spark“, and there vast interview with the poet Andrey Rodionov. Glory to the Internet, quickly found a pack of its verses in a search engine, read a half and incurred me...

The review of A. Rodionov`s
verses (too as if in verses)

All poetics came to nothing,//(became impoverished, poets were defiled) / / not to do them without mat in any way. / / Only Dima Bykov maintains reputation//and decently describes zhis. ===
of the Rhyme wooden with pressing//on the end of the clumsy, squeezeed-out lines. / / Subjects - huliganstvuyushchy jerks - burned out,//
First pulling not the first term === among such And. Rodionov,//if not to have Shnurik in view of. / / Two such shoemakers too couple (footwear),//though will not dream in any nonsense. ===
“Spark“ to such “poets“ throws beads,//pulls on a high pedestal. / / Speaking EVONNYMI words, it you. er,//or, speaking culturally, - kcal.

At us on backs as children of different age grow in the thinned-out wood thujas. I sometimes exempt their kroner from fetters of prickly lian and bushes. I like them and here, please, “Here you are“!

The THUJA (K. Pechy is devoted) the Modest tree the thuja//eternally zelyono grows at

,//even without grieving at all,//what never blossoms. ===
Quietly huddles,//as the lodger//in shadows high the neighbor,//as the subgot stuck bird,//in set a trap troubles. ===
//will gently touch by Soft paws of needles a hand. / / Will tell:“ Here us already two//all and to all contrary to“. === Give
to you, my God, freely//to grow to gray hairs//Mighty, correct krone//to become young people in the middle.

Traffic regulations
of Circumstance for the general order. Approaching on are big to the intersection blinking yellow, I noticed how one vodoitel almost stopped though around there were no cars and the review was good.

Carefully pass the intersection whether//the Traffic light Is there or not. / / To make it Very much, super - it is simple,//to avoid possible troubles. === Take your time, and that you will be in time to term//an unforeseen rendezvous//and will not be any to use//from that, raved in reality. === And avoid overtaking, it is not necessary! / / To be substituted the passer in an emphasis. / / For a trip the best award//at a table sincere conversation.

Flowers in a luggage carrier. (Preparations, pigs, unfinished)

do not put flowers in a luggage carrier,//they were not guilty... ====================
do not put flowers in a luggage carrier,//they in the dark will start missing... ==================
do not throw flowers into a luggage carrier,//raised their gentle hands... ==================
Not of LOZhTE in a luggage carrier flowers! I conjure you for ever and ever... ======================= can translate N. Ablesimovv`s

these masterpieces into especially rare languages, without speaking about Ukrainian. And can (holy Christ!), how the bard, will be inspired by some text for a song? (“Incurred Ostap“) It is necessary to recognize and confirm that “Poetry - the presvolochneyshy thingummy,//exists also absolutely ignorant“ (C) Somehow unexpectedly exhausted, and maybe it is enough to try patience of fans of poetry?

As always responses, is desirable enthusiastic, “load barrels“.