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What to do if the house burned down?

Due to the expansion of a variety of dangerous objects of activity of the person, with development of innovative technologies of post-industrial society are inevitable the fires, smoke and other natural disasters. Negligent exploitation of electric devices, flammable materials and combustible substances often can be the reason of those.

In this article I would like to touch upon a subject of the fires.

There is a set of ways of precaution and measures of protection of the house from ignitions. But if all of you - were the victim of the fire, you should not despair! Alas, not you the first - not you the last.

Adequately to assess a situation, it is necessary to calm down, first of all. For this purpose there are several ways which should give several minutes of attention.

to Remove stress, to relax muscles.
to Try to distract for a while from the occurred situation, having exempted thereby from depressive thoughts.
to Calm itself reasonings that all problems are solved, everything depends on a spirit and desire to solve them.
to Make several deep breaths and exhalations, to normalize breath and work oporno - the motive device.

The fire involves damage not only moral, but also material. You have the right for compensation of damage, and also for resettlement to the new apartment at the expense of the federal budget, according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. There is a certain operations procedure as a result of which you can receive compensation.

Give inquiry to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Only in this organization - and any more - can confirm the fire fact anywhere, having provided the reference without which further collecting documents will be senseless.
In housing and communal services have to define degree of serviceability of heating, electric and water systems. About what the official conclusion will be made.
after that address to municipal Committee of construction that the commission took out the technical conclusion about suitability for accommodation of your house.
Write letters to social protection, and also the head of administration with a request for rendering financial support.
Having collected the necessary list of documents, go to Administration where you will write the application for providing damage to compensation or for moving with granting the new apartment (depending on the technical conclusion).

You have to be always ready to unforeseen circumstances! It is the best of all to store in bank a certain sum of money for emergency situation. Perhaps, funds for the first expenses will be necessary: on pronouncement of the technical conclusion by municipal committee of construction in case your house does not belong to the state fund; on food, clothes and other necessities; on urgent I will eat any other housing for the period, compensation is not paid yet.

Despite everything, in this the period, difficult and unexpected for all, in life needs to be collected all forces for an operational solution. Unfortunately, not you the first and not you the last who appears in a similar situation. Keep calm and self-control. For the person there is nothing impossible! So, all our problems - are solved.