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you Share thoughts with familiar friends, and then it will turn out so that they will die of envy to you that you have a clever beautiful girl who finished MGIMO which for the present looks narrowly at you which is pleasant and even very much with which it is ready for everything even on what others can only dream of, and in general it even does not shine others. Here you will trust in
, so you will tell, you will show as it is necessary to do, and they also will betray you then. Will knock down everything that is possible. So upset one could cry
Love which collected for months can instantly disappear because of the fact that people with whom you share with whom you communicate, can tire out you I do not know where and to tell God knows about you that. The person that cannot be ideal, he has shortcomings even if small and harmless, but tell about you so that the girl will be frightened and will not want to communicate, Here and choose try in such situation to yourself love. Even the healthiest and clever person can remain one even if there is he ideal. Tell
, do not communicate with anybody, communicate only with the darling. The answer is simple, it is impossible, we live among people and have to communicate, on that we and civilized people. I Understand
, Chita exists the mass of the reasons, nothing to whom to speak, it is possible to show nothing to nobody then intellectual life at you will ruin is possible. here the girl who knows that the person very much loves it has to understand
A too, and suddenly it is slander, and suddenly it is just envy. we Will tell
the man, the clever man kind, sympathetic, quiet, well let we will tell has some shortcomings, we will allow - hears badly or what twitchings or still that, but mentally he is HEALTHY and clever, and you never know at it can in a family occurred or still that that, but he is a person and met the girl, the beautiful girl who it is possible to tell for it the queen, well and that it here. Yes it is possible to envy as such man with some there shortcomings looks after and the most important LOVES and TRIES to UNDERSTAND this beautiful TREASURE.
Here to girls in general that council and not only to girls - GIRLS If YOU are LOVED, TRY to UNDERSTAND the PERSON WHO ABAZHAYET VAS, is IN LOVE WITH YOU, and DO NOT LISTEN YOU to ANY BELIEFS, and ASK HIM. HE WILL TELL EVERYTHING to YOU, ON THAT HE AND the PERSON!