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Whether there will be schools in Russia paid?

the Russian press and an air filled the information materials predicting to system of Russian education transition to a paid basis. Signing by the President of the Federal law No. 83 “About modification of separate acts of the Russian Federation in connection with improvement of a legal status of the public (municipal) institutions“ became the reason of this negative information wave.

the Wave of rumors about paid education arises not the first time. According to this law, the most part of establishments of the social sphere - hospitals, schools and kindergartens - will pass from the budgetary financing to self-sufficiency. The only thing that the child will be able to receive free of charge is several basic objects. It is about Russian (2 hours a week), English (2 hours a week), mathematics (2 hours a week), physical culture (2 hours a week) and stories (1 hour a week). And for such objects as drawing, music, informatics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc., the parent should pay.

According to preliminary data, training cost in a month will make 6 - 7 thousand rubles. It is about 54 - 70 thousand a year and about 630 thousand in all 11 years of training. Let`s note that the first three classes remain free and their program includes all set of objects, as earlier.

Authors of these articles sow thought that nothing good in this country can be. And in education - especially! Thus tension in society on which it is possible to arrange a revolutionary stir is imposed, and along with it the soil for introduction of “the advanced western educational technologies“ is created.

These articles are contradicted by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Article 43 in which it is said that:

Everyone has the right for education.

guarantee general availability and free of charge preschool, main general and secondary professional education in the public or municipal educational institutions and at the enterprises.

Everyone has the right to graduate free of charge on a competitive basis in the public or municipal educational institution and at the enterprise.

the Main general education is obligatory. So to whom to trust


According to the Minister of Education Andrey Fursenko: “Nothing in the budgetary enterprises will change except that instead of illegal requisitions there will be requisitions legal... If earlier the part of the “raised“ funds went to a pocket of administration of budgetary institution, then now - into the account of institution - “and that`s all“!

The funds allocated in budgetary organizations will be allocated not on lines of expenses, and in the form of subsidies. With entry into force of the new law of the director of schools will decide how many money to spend, for example, on repair of placements or on the organization of a graduation party, or on purchase of the new equipment.

In general, the adopted Fursenko`s law considers very much even useful as this reform will even reduce the price of education as there will be no unauthorized requisitions for the services paid with the state. And pupils free of charge will be trained so much time and to study so many objects how many it is necessary under the Act of the Russian Federation.

Also the Deputy Minister of Finance Tatyana Nesterenko rejects opinion that the part of objects at schools will be taught for money now. According to her, this law does not provide transition to paid education at all. Schools are obliged to carry out the state order in education. And it is absolutely free. Only that on a paid basis there will be additional services or objects.

The schools carrying to budgetary organizations have the right to offer services of paid circles and additional open classrooms that, however, they did and earlier. In general, does not register in this law to whom and how many to give money, and it is talked only about how the mechanism of bringing this money to educational institutions changes.

If to speak about provisions 83 - Federal Laws according to which budgetary institutions acquired the right to have the autonomous, budgetary or state forms for state establishments all articles of financial expenses accurately register, and funds for their activity come through treasury to strictly certain time. Special schools, orphanages, schools are carried to this status at colonies, small schools and others now.

So you should not react to publications in mass media - no paid school education in Russia will exist! Free education is one of the main standards of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Another thing is that approach to school education becomes more modern and flexible.