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Coral lock. A secret of gravitation is revealed?

the Most striking construction - the Coral lock in the town of Homsted (the State of Florida the USA) - are known to still little. It is surprising as it is much more related riddles, than even in the history with the Egyptian pyramids. to

At least, everything it is known - pyramids built hundreds, thousands of people. And here is how the unique person could construct the whole complex of huge stone blocks with a gross weight more than 1100 tons? The riddle which does not have to this day any explanations.

Edward Lidskalnin, the Latvian thrown by the beloved into the wedding day emigrated to the USA in 1920. The painful young man of an ordinary-looking exterior, 152 cm in height and weighing 45 kg caused feeling of neglect and sympathy in people. “Dokhlyak“ - such is there was Ad`s nickname.

Having wandered on several states, Edward Lidskalnin unexpectedly got 40 hectares of the earth on the coast in the town of Homsted - and miracles began.

Inexplicably the territory in which nobody, except the owner, lived is fenced everyone of stone blocks weighing 15 tons. Ad cut them from the coral limestone, in a large number which was available on the coast. Nobody ever saw how blocks were transferred to Ad`s site and what tools he created all constructions and sculptures.

The door in a fence became the real stone miracle. Weight of its 9 tons, sizes of 3 x 1,5 x 1 m. It is established and fixed in such a way that easily turns on an axis and opens the simple movement of a hand. When in 1986 unexpectedly jammed a door, for its repair the crew from the qualified engineers and workers was created. For removal of a door used 50 - the ton crane. It turned out that on the center through three-meter height at doors ideally round opening with a diameter of five centimeters is drilled, and in it there is a suspension bracket from the truck. From above and from below the door fastened on bearings which wore out over time. For restoration of a door experts were forced to use the most modern computer technologies.

And miracles on a site proceeded. In 30 years of accommodation at Homstede this strange lonely person created a huge complex of statues and constructions on the earth. A square tower - 243 - the ton two-storeyed building, the only thing having a roof. On the first floor there was a workshop, on the second there lived an owner. A throne-room, a bedroom with huge beds and a cradle. The stone rocking-chair weighing 3 tons really rocks at the expense of a basis bend. Strange, absolutely nonfunctional objects. For what giants Edward built them?

What moved this person when he created the huge stone map of Florida? The sundial which is cut out from the huge block shows time with a margin error 1-2 minutes. Sculptures of planets, 30 - the ton Month indicating by the horn precisely the Pole star, and the huge “telescope“ in the form of a stone seven-meter pipe on a pedestal focused in the same direction - why was to apply so much the exhausting work for their production? Or really in Edward`s arsenal there were mysterious technologies allowing it to create effortlessly all this?

It is clear, that the mysterious neighbor caused genuine interest in the district. Once the delegation of reporters could get for a payment on a site, but so learned nothing. Soon a certain lawyer bought lands near a site of the unsociable immigrant. What was the true purpose of purchase, it is only possible to assume. Perhaps, the lawyer was also not going to get into mysterious life of the neighbor. But Edward in a flash solved everything. It just transported all constructions for 10 miles.

How it managed it? Even the truck driver transporting megaliths could not reveal Ad`s secret. According to him, the owner ordered it to put the truck on a site and to come through some time when blocks already were in the car. One inhabitant Homsteda assured that she saw how Edward imposed on huge stones of a hand and lingeringly sang. Other inhabitant told that he saw at the night in a telescope, stone blocks as floated by air.

The scientists who are still studying amazing creations of Lidskalnin are forced to admit that they cannot give any answer though somehow slightly opening its secret.

After death of the owner of the Coral lock scraps of records from which it became clear that he was interested in questions of magnetism of Earth were found. Found in the same place the tools manufactured by Edward - the tripods which are hammered together from logs, pair of winches, blocks - that`s all that was applied by it in work with megaliths.

Only one unclear subject caused genuine interest. A design in the form of a wheel. Metal parts from cars and a tractor were filled in with cement, on an outer edge of a wheel there were strip permanent magnets - 240 pieces, and in the center David`s Star is laid out. Engineers called this subject “the generator of a direct current“ when they examined sketchy records of Edward concerning electromagnetism.

After research of these finds the version that Edward moved huge blocks by means of electromagnetism was put forward. Using its dynamic rotating force, it influenced allegedly gravitation of Earth.

The assumption that the resonance effect was used was other version. If to assume as a basis that each matter has the frequency of vibration, then it is possible to make the fluctuations corresponding to the frequency of this matter by means of a certain source of frequencies. As a result of a frequency resonance amplitude of fluctuation of atoms sharply increases and energy by means of which allegedly and blocks were transferred is released.

Use in tools of a symbol of masons - a six-pointed Star of David, and also “golden ratio“ raises the mass of questions on which there are no presumable answers even.

On one of megaliths Edward cut down figure 7 129 6 105 195. What secret is put into them? What it is a clue or the next mystification of the “little man“ who left us in heritage huge secret?