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Historic facts about the great people of Atlantis.

Platon took information from the distant relative of the poet of the Salon living with 615 to 535 B.C., this work across Atlantis which he called “Conversations“. And so the Salon traveled much around the Mediterranean Sea where it collected big information on Atlases. Often happening, in Egypt and in deltas of Nile, the Salon conducted conversations with priests of Egypt. And also he liked to be in Athens and in its colonies on coast of the Black Sea. He really obtained valuable information, as for Platon, and himself, for writing of the poems.
From its sources we know that Atlanta military operations not only with Athens, but practically with all countries of the Mediterranean Sea conducted.
of Atlanta wanted dominion in this region, But Greeks who in every possible way, resisted to elite of Atlases. to Take
for example, that fight near Athens where the young Republic, won battle against the super power of that time. Greece practically destroyed, all fleet of Atlases, having used the weapon under the name “Greek fire“. It was necessary to Atlases having receded from Athens.
So from where they came these giants with a blond hair. I Will answer with
this question. They came from Severo - the West.
Atlantis was the island state which is beyond the Pillars of Hercules. This state of the rule “coalition of tsars“, conducting the sort from great Poseidon (God of the seas and Oceans).
Atlantis was between South America and Western Europe.
its Western lands reached South America. And Severo - east, reached, up to Europe.
the Island in itself, represented, from itself round, cut on an oval, pie.
On the island was many animals beginning, from cats and dogs and also reaching such giants as elephants or mammoths, and also predators, for example saber-toothed tigers and giant lions, cave bears.
of a Variety of the nature admired, all who came to this wonderful island paradise. Trees and flowers blossomed on the island the whole year. What admired travelers.
In Atlantis, got such natural riches as coal, oil and gas. each governor of the province had
the cities, the capitals of provinces so arose.
A the capital was so beautiful that it caused envy of other Super Powers, for example as Limuriya.
the Governor, the capitals was appointed from Poseidon`s descendants. In the downtown the temple to Poseidon and his wife Kleyto was built.
Poseidon`s Statue reached a temple roof and what from this follows?
A follows here that. The statue in height reached 300 feet, for reference I will tell that the Statue of Liberty (USA), reaches 151 feet and costs on a pedestal 155 feet high.
the City was enclosed with power installation which Atlases used for energy supply, or for protection of the city and the country.
Installation was made as a circle around the capital.
Other governors dug the 300th kilometer tunnel where they equipped a protective complex from a nuclear attack over the country.
installation was completely copied by Tesla which, could destroy all live on the planet. The clever person who found a way to operate energy of Earth and to send it to any planet point set by it. This energy it also tumbled down the Tungus wood, in 1908.
used This weapon, also and all Superpowers.
was also destroyed by This weapon such great race as Atlantis.
Blavatskaya describes death of Atlantis in “Doctrine“.
It was light, solar morning. Atlases celebrated the Independence Day. And the Colosseum was full people. Over the heads of the audience floated by Vimana, and land and sea forces walked across the field.
Somewhere is closer to an equinox people heard a rumble at the beginning and then there passed the shock wave. Who managed to reach a shelter, those went under Earth to catacombs, someone departed on the Moon on space base, and who was on the bank of future Atlantic Ocean, managed to reach the submarine. Those also escaped on the submarine departured to Egypt, and exactly in 7 days landed on its coast where they taught people to build pyramids, to cultivate the land, gave them such knowledge as mathematics and physics, and many other things. And Pharaohs they lit in secrets of the universe. Taught them to transition from one state of mind to another. Having given them secret knowledge, books of the dead. Also they taught to enter them in deep samad, (meditation of an exit another measurements). After Atlantis was destroyed, on Earth Ice Age began. Over the horizon “there ascended the new era, an era of mankind“.