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What should learn from residents of the countries of the Western and Northern Europe?

the Phrase “are good at them there, in Europe“ already became winged. “Well“ enough high salaries, lodges as if the descended from the picture, pure streets, the polite and smiling shop assistants loaded up to the top carts with products are, as a rule, presented in the form. with

A if suddenly to start crowd of our merrily compatriots to some small and peace British town, to replace shop assistants with sovok aunts in caps and with gold teeth, to seat the same railway stations in cash desks, and to captivate pubs hunters behind male hearts, with the calling and languishing looks and in extremely bright opereniye...

All European charm right there will begin to disappear somewhere how the company removes the British flag or a Christmas deer from some lodge, aunts spitefully hiss on all visitors, and predators process “import“, come into a pub it is simple to drink beer. But salaries and social guarantees will remain the same, and the mayor will also drive about on the city by bicycle.

We say that at us dirty and neukhozhenno and whether we will be able to keep purity, beauty, give us it? And whether purity of the European small streets depends only on the allocated budget money, or they just are able to maintain it?

I will give an example. As soon as the flowers planted by my mother near the office began to blossom, they were dug out right there by well-wishers of the house. Probably, just flowers did not fit into the general dirt and a dullness.

Second example. My friend visited Italy recently, and the delight from visit of Vatican was replaced by anger when she saw the rock painting left by the compatriot Tanya on one of walls.

Whoever there that told, but barbarous nature is inherent in our people more, than to somebody. Our person - as the small child who at the sight of something beautiful by all means wants to break it.

Europeans very scrupulously treat maintenance of purity on streets of the cities, and even ballot boxes for garbage at them differ - everyone intends for the purposes. And walking the pet, they take with themselves a shovel and a package that to clean after him.

The essential difference between us and them also consists in system of expenses. As a rule, each working European is able to afford to buy or take on credit the house in spite of the fact that real estate prices are much higher than ours there. Of course, they can afford it with the salaries and well adjusted banking system. It, of course, yes. But at the same time the European is so arranged that purchase, arrangement of own housing and postponement of the capitals on a comfortable old age is much more important for him, than a dust puskaniye in eyes some very expensive belonging or a disposable visit of restaurant after which month it is necessary to live on bread and water.

And Slavic nature such is that if the soul asks a holiday, then it is necessary to give it it by all means. All this European economy seems such boring in comparison with a new chachka which can boast before others and which, let for a while, but will bring closer the owner to owners of the world of luxury. As in Krylov`s fable about a dragonfly and an ant. With approach of crisis in life the dragonfly suddenly understands that it has neither roof over the head, nor monetary reserves. And the ant already both hammered together a lodge, and saved a money for rainy day. Here and high European standard of living.

Of course, it is necessary to mention also those Europeans who work in a services sector and are not accustomed to show the bad mood or unfortunate private life. And clients do not stack a leg on a table too, showing thereby the high status.

It is possible to beat breast and to shout: “I have a broad Russian soul, and I wanted to spit on these boring and correct people. I will create that will want, and a drill to include on Sunday at ten in the morning if it is necessary to me!“ But such uncompromising approach, without any attempts to become though a little others, does us by derelicts who are not especially wanted to be seen in more developed countries. It is a pity that for owners of red t-shirts with the inscription “USSR“ which dashingly overturn a tray with glasses in the Turkish hotel those in whom sovok manners of behavior and who is, really, the worthy and cultural citizen of the country what there is already a lot of today are not inherent are not visible.