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Space … If to give a little vent to imagination, then in thoughts the picture frightening by the depth, infinity, mystery …

For certain appears you dreamed of It? Many dreamed to be astronauts, the teenagers who read a fantasy about space, already kosmopilotam. Many dream, but almost all of them postpone the dreams for the dusty shelf of the same unrealizable dreams. People in the majority do not follow dream, are afraid of barriers, foreign opinions and still a heap of any nonsense. Many can be written off from - for health, and others? Others consider it as an unripe childish prank. Well we will not overpersuade them, their life everything is. Generally, to what I all this. Yury Alekseevich Gagarin - the person even only the name causes respect. The person who got to Emptiness. Perhaps, he also as well as other boys dreamed to become an astronaut, but he, unlike other boys, achieved the dream. Suddenly having become well-known on all planet. It is unlikely the father or Yury`s mother could think that their son, the native of a working family, will be able to become, I will not be afraid of this word, a live legend. But Yury Alekseevich probably trusted. It possessed lines rare today which helped it with achievement of the purpose: kindness, courage, was able and liked to undertake a role of the leader, possessed improbable commitment. After a great lot of physical and psychological tests, he managed - to leave one thousand pilots in the list of the best pilots and main contenders for flight in space. From this list two chief representatives German Titov and Yury Gagarin were allocated. But in fast haste as there was a race of arms, and rumors about that went, as the USA will send the person any day into orbit, honor to plow open spaces of space dropped out to Yury. Subsequently, Titov became the substitute pilot.

I many times thought of what was felt by Yury Alekseevich Gagarin - the person who the first of people had to get on Earth orbit and not just get, and behind his back honor of the USSR which extremely did not wish to concede space of the USA. I try to present myself on its place. I sit in a pilotsky chair, in a space suit, around a lot of any sensors which are better for not touching. I feel., I feel nervousness, probably, fear, but nevertheless in an anticipation of the fact that I will shortly escape from fetters of terrestrial gravitation. We start. I tell the phrase which became world: “Went!“. We go. Shortly I feel what - not, appears, switching off of the engine happened only after operation of the duplicating mechanism, the ship rose by an orbit which highest point was 100 km higher than settlement 180 - 200 km. I do not panic, I represent myself Gagarin. I do not panic when before atmospheric entry of the ship randomly somersaults within 10 minutes with a speed of one revolution per second, the brake propulsion system, but with not gathered additionally impulse worked. I try not to panic when temperature behind a board 3000 - 5000 0C when the melted metal flows down on the glass. I do not know as well as what was done by Yury Gagarin except scientific experiments, but I know precisely that I could not have on a window eyes glued. I thought of space very much, represented a view of Earth that from this infinite emptiness at me precisely breath would intercept. Flight lasted 108 minutes. Yury Alekseevich successfully landed in our area so almost the fellow countryman as - in any way, near Engels, near the village of Smelovka. The first residents of the village who met him, also became history what triumph, probably, when set foot on firm land. What happiness to be the first-ever person who managed to take off out of sky limits. As if I wanted to receive though a share of those emotions. But I, as well as one million boys dreaming to become the astronaut, put the dream in a dusty box of unfulfilled dreams. The benefit growth mine 188 meter and not good health though somehow facilitate this fate.

I, as well as other space dreamers and not only space dreamers, will celebrate on April 12 the International day of flight of the person in space or to at us in Russia, Day of astronautics. Let, space spaces in the next decades are not available to me, I will live in the space based on those facts that Yury Gagarin brought to the world.