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How it is correct to make self-massage of the person? All of us know

About advantage of massage of a body firsthand. Our person needs too leaving which complex includes cleanings, masks and, of course, massage. It is one of the most effective cosmetology procedures.

By means of massage blood circulation improves, food of cages is stimulated, puffiness is removed a century, the tone, elasticity and elasticity of skin raises, the volume and density of muscles increases, the sculpture of the person - and all this, undoubtedly is improved, reflected in a mirror by beauty and health.

To be convinced, the facial massage is how effective, it is optional to address the expert (yes every day and you are not!) and here to give itself 5-10-15 minutes a day, I think, each of us can.

I will notice that self-massage of the person we do every time when we apply cream, we do cleaning by a srub or we wipe with tonic. One important “but“!! It is better to carry out the movements on massage lines, and at the same time they should not be too strong, skin on our face very gentle therefore you should not stretch it and especially to rub.

For a start let`s consider massage lines to have general idea of them:

the Forehead needs to be massaged in the direction from the middle to temples.
Eyes: fingers the easy sliding movements lead round an upper eyelid in the direction from an internal corner to external, on lower carry out on the contrary.
we massage the Nose from a nose bridge to its tip.
Cheeks - from a nose to ears.
the Chin is massaged by the sliding strokings from the middle to ear lobes.

Before beginning massage, the face needs to be cleaned and put nutritious cream. Let`s cream be absorbed and get wet with a napkin. For increase in efficiency of procedure it is possible to pound a drop of essential oil on palms, but here be careful because essential oils happen strongly concentrated, and it is the best of all to consult to the expert correctly to pick up suitable for your type skin oil.

It is necessary to begin self-massage persons with the top part, and then to fall gradually to a chin and a neck. The massage movements have to be easy and careful.

the First that needs to be made, is to relax the person strokings on massage lines.
Roundabouts of fingers from a chin up cheeks to a forehead you improve blood circulation. The movements have to be slow and superficial.
we Lead round fingers eyes.
the Following area - nosogubny folds, it is necessary to pay them special attention. We do easy poshchipyvaniye from below up big and index by fingers then from below up we do the same the easy vibrating movements.
to unload our cheekbones from fat, it is necessary to press the thumbs of both hands turned by small pillows up on points in this area. This movement will help to record muscles and to hold them in the correct situation.
Strokings by back part of a palm on cheekbones and fingers on cheeks to a pomassazhiruyta the person from the middle of a chin to ear lobes.
Beat fingers on all person from below up.
with Strokings to a pomassazhiruyta a neck and a decollete, smoothly passing to strokings on all person that will be the weakening movement finishing massage.

Well as? Not difficult? Carry out these simple movements every day or before going to bed - and your person will please with beauty and youth.

Be beautiful also good luck to you!