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Netherlands. What is the city of Maastricht interesting by? Part 2

In each country is the small cozy cities especially expensive to its inhabitants. For Dutches the southern city of Maastricht standing on a joint of three European countries became such pearl. To live I was lucky in it several years. I continue to share with you its secrets and the most interesting places! the Magnificent hotel Kruisheren (Krauskheyren) is located

in ancient church, and the room for guests - respectively, in the former cells. All hotel was designed so that not to destroy a uniform mosaic, to leave untouched walls (nothing touches them) and to keep the antique atmosphere. In hotel objects of arts, such as pictures, figurines and design furniture are on sale, and in each surrounding subject there will be a unique highlight. Quite often I brought friends and acquaintances there, to admire, really, is on what. It is also possible to try wines from rich wine storage, a dish of a local cuisine at cozy small restaurant directly under the church arches.

Takes the breath away also from other church which turned into the most popular European bookstore. Designed in the same way, as Kruisheren hotel, the Selexys shop attracts not less tourists. Here you will find books, magazines, grants and cards in the Dutch, German, English and French languages, and also CD and movies, the periodical press and attributes for reading. It is possible to enjoy the atmosphere in the cafe located here where the large presentations of book novelties are often held.

We will move further on our unusual round. An ancient Basilica, fortress ruins, the above-mentioned bridge and a main square of Vrijthof (Fraytkhof) we will leave round on favor. guides. All of them will equally tell a story of these constructions better me and independently all of you equally will not pass by them: Maastricht town.

So, we come to Markt - a market square where on Fridays comes fruktovo - a vegetable market where it is possible to buy fresh fish and cheeses. At the corner of the area you will surely notice huge quickly moving turn - it is frityurny under the name “Reitz“ (Raytts). Here more than 200 years fry potatoes on special technology of double frying at different temperatures. Reitz is known all around as very first frityurny to Holland, with the biggest variety of sauces. And now, during our last visit few weeks ago, we with the husband counted about 15 sauces! Most of all we liked Piccadilly sauce with salty cucumbers and the Goulash sauce - with pieces of gentle beef. Generally, it is worth trying let both high-calorie, and unhealthy, but such tasty food, perhaps. Not every day you visit Maastricht!

Around the world Holland has reputation of the country especially liberal and free: in particular because it is authorized to smoke marijuana here. And student`s Maastricht located on borders of three states turned into its capital. The authorities fight against it, introduce restrictions - but the fact remains: in the city it is full “of some coffee - shops“ from where blows as a luscious smell of “grass“. The most visited “coffee - a shop“ is by the ship moored on other side of the river, it is called Missisipi. Inside I never was, but it was interesting to take a look and be photographed against this ship. More you will not see it anywhere.

I will tell about one more interesting place - the Maastricht open zoo. It is in city park, in the same place, where both ruins of fortress and several city museums. Historical such site. Surrounded with several rivulets on the one hand and the large Maas River about other this park always causes a romantic spirit and feeling of a pacification. There are no shops, do not fry shish kebabs, do not drink beer on shops it (is forbidden)... On the lake there live swans and ducks, on the coast huge geese walk - carefully, they bite! In spacious open-air cages goats and deer walk about, peacocks spread tails and little lambs run. In a big cage in the middle - about ten kinds of birds. Pleasantly here, generally. Purely, beautifully, rasslablyayushche. Have a rest? Well then we will move further and we will finish our travel.

In the same park, far, on its suburb, in the middle of a clearing there is the only monument to the musketeer D`Artagnan in Europe for whom Maastricht became a final resting place during Franco - the Dutch war.

Perhaps, it still protects medieval spirit of Maastricht where literally each building is impregnated stories...