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Netherlands. What is the city of Maastricht interesting by? Part 1

the Most ancient city of Holland, historic center of culture and art, the excellent place for shopping - what is only not famous the city of Maastricht which became world-famous in 1992 after signing of the Agreement on the Union of the European Countries. Maastricht is located

in the most southern part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, directly on border with Belgium and Germany. The district in the capital of the province Limburg quite hilly, therefore the highest point of the country is here. It is possible to get on it on foot - height of “mountain“ only of 300 meters. However considering that the Netherlands is the only country in the world which is almost completely lying below sea-level even such hillock carries the proud name the Mountain of Sacred St. Petersburg. By the way, Dutches often joke that in case of a flood, from their homeland there will be a city of Maastricht.

Maastricht is mentioned in the European history not once: at the time of Augustus Caesar`s government in it the ancient Romans who built the bridge through Maas and the road between Bave (France) and Cologne (Germany) founded the settlement. The bridge, by the way, stands to this day and by right it is considered one of the main sights of the city. The remains of the fortress constructed by them decorate the Maastricht park and today, and the coins minted in those days, archeologists still find across all Europe.

Advantageous strategic position of the city provoked numerous wars, and Maastricht quite could belong to Belgium or Germany, however the destiny brought it to the Kingdom of the Netherlands to which it also remained is true till today`s time. In 1843 in the city signed the Agreement on Independence of Belgium whose borders painfully were established still long time. During World War II Maastricht was the first the won and first freed city of Holland.

For the first time about Maastricht started talking around the world after in February, 1992 participants of the European Committee signed the Agreement on creation of the European Union there. Here also the single currency and uniform border in all EU arose!

Actually, there is enough history. Let`s pass to the city and its atypical sights and modern culture.

We will begin with the fact that Maastricht is the main place of festivals and fun during an annual spring Carnival. All inhabitants of Limburga and the nearby cities of Belgium and Germany note farewell to winter. Young and old people dress up in bright interesting suits and arrange mobile representations (most often it is dances, music and religious sketches) during the slow movement of troupes along the main streets. Prepare for this event since November 11 of 11:11 o`clock in the morning - from the moment of a ceremonial opening of a carnival. And the holiday lasts the whole week and takes place in March. The carnival in Maastricht is a noise and din, the decorated persons, beer by the river and small gentle herrings of Mathieu, hundreds eaten greedily under national music from morning to the dead of night.

Already more than half a century Maastricht is known as the student`s city. Here and the truth several solid colleges and universities in one of which also I studied. Diplomas of these establishments are appreciated around the world, and teach both usual, and absolutely innovative professions. For example, at University of Maastricht - the largest higher education institution of the city, years so 6 there was a new specialty of an infonomik connecting profound informatics and economy back. The most difficult subject and at the same time the widest orientation provided graduates of faculty with improbable popularity in labor market. My many acquaintances got to Google and to the largest consulting companies of Europe and America.

Besides students, in Maastricht the culture and art is developed. The city is so rich with historical monuments that takes the honourable second place after Amsterdam in the list of the cities of cultural heritage of Holland. In this regard, and also actively developing service industry, nearly 50 years ago in Maastricht it was decided to hold annual an art the TEFAF exhibition. Today TEFAF - the leading international exhibition antiquarian and modern an art - objects which for several weeks collects millionaires and celebrated personalities from all over the world. Perhaps, this brightest event of year in the field of art for all Europe.

I managed to visit on 44 - y to an exhibition, and I was simply struck with what was seen. All exhibition was presented in a townscape under a roof, with streets and boulevards, cozy cafes and smart restaurants, beds, fountains and even small artificial squares. It was possible to find everything in sale - the finest diamond jewelry, ancient table silver, gold lamps and home decoration, original eggs of Faberge and original pictures of Van Gogh. The public is multinational, unusually and is stylishly dressed, and expensive cars on the parking will just stick together eyes. To accept such number of visitors, in Maastricht constructed many luxury hotels.