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Why the Kensingtonsky palace call damned?

according to the chief curator of royal palaces of Great Britain Lucie Worsley, were at least seven princesses whom Kensington accepted very unfriendly. “Some of them were depressed, and some went crazy“, - Worsley in interview of The Daily Mail told. the Kensingtonsky palace is located

in the western part of London in the picturesque place surrounded with Kensingtonsky gardens which till 1728 represented part the Guide - park.

The successful location attracted in a mansion of the count Nottingemsky of that time of the first owners - the king of England Wilhelm III and his wife Mary II Stewart. Small village air Kensington was ideally suited for Wilhelm III suffering from asthma. The royal couple got the estate in 1689. Construction works of their new residence were charged to the architect Christopher Ray.

The series of the misfortunes which occurred in the palace also begin with death of the queen Maria in 1694 from smallpox at the age of 32 years.

8 years later after death of the wife Wilhelm III got injured on a shoulder as a result of falling from a horse. It led to pneumonia and sudden death of the monarch.

As Maria with Wilhelm had no children, following there ascended to a throne the queen Anna, younger sister of Maria. Anna also did not leave successors on the English throne. It had 18 pregnancies. Live only five children were born. Four of them died in infancy, and the fifth, Wilhelm, - at the age of 13 years. Whether coincidence that all this occurred in the Kensingtonsky palace?

George I was the following king living in the palace. It completely reconstructed it and spent huge amounts of money for finishing and dressing. The difficult list of ceilings, richly decorated ceremonial halls and extensive collection of pictures of the palace - all this belongs to the managing period in the palace of this monarch. In total nothing, but just during this period when the palace was newly built up, at George marriage falls. Having convicted the wife Sofia of change, it ground it in one of the locks in Germany.

Carolina, the wife of George II who ascended to a throne after the father in 1727 fell the following victim of a damnation of the Kensingtonsky palace. She died here tormently after operation on removal of a tumor which was performed without any anesthesia.

George II seldom was in the palace after death of the wife therefore the structure came to desolation before appearance of the following owners - the duke and the duchess Kentskikh. Here in 1819 Victoria, future queen of Great Britain to whom at the moment in the palace the exhibition “in total about Victoria“ is devoted was born. Victoria after the introduction to a throne together with the mother moved to Buckingham Palace. Also acted right, there she governed as early as the whole 64 years and gave rise from the husband prince Albert of 9 children who made parties to many European monarchs what Victoria and received the name “grandmother of Europe“ for.

The princess Diana fell the last victim of the Kensingtonsky palace. The palace was her residence from the moment of marriage in 1981 and until death in 1997. The palace turned into a memorial from the flowers laid here by thousands of people after news of death of the princess.

It seems that all prejudices connected with a damnation of the palace and with ghosts of its former inhabitants, do not disturb current owners at all - prince William and Kate Midlton, and, contrary to all headings of “ newspapers over Kate the damnation hung“, they cheerfully smile in a chamber and present to public the possession updated during the next reconstruction.