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Poker. What matters?

enjoy the increasing popularity online poker Presently. The army of admirers grows before the eyes!
First of all it of course is connected with a ban and reference of poker to gamblings that in my opinion, incorrectly. Poker first of all highly intellectual game.
It is impossible to become the good poker player without being able to count a situation in game on several courses forward. To become the successful poker player it is necessary to have at least mathematical mentality or to be able to count options of succession of events with a mathematical accuracy. Besides you need to be pretty quite good psychologist. The psychological component in poker also plays many important role.
Occurs opinion that 80% of success in poker - it is a bluff! I cannot tell what it is connected with, such opinion is possible it developed proceeding from westerns where abrupt Texas the cowboy show the skill of a bluff at game in poker. Actually - it not so.
Naturally a bluff in poker takes place. But at game it has the effect at most on 15 - 20%. What is it proved by
? If you are at a table with more or less skilled player and try to bluff, sooner or later will get to the core of you and will trap. The bluff is applied by usually skilled players at game with weaker rival. And in such situations the skilled player gives itself to catch on a bluff at small losses for himself.
talked About a bluff. Give now we will give attention of psychology in poker a little.
Why should paying attention to psychology?
Poker - it is game which demands extreme concentration. During game it is just necessary to look behind actions of the opponents and to be able to analyze these or those actions. At the same time your psychological state has to be normal.
Here several councils:
- you do not sit down to play poker if you badly feel;
- never play if you were tired or did not sleep;
- do not play if you by what that are excited and cannot control the emotions
- during game nothing has to distract you from game;
If you want to become the skilled player try to behave during game and not to pay attention to attempts to provoke you to rash actions.