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How quickly to win against cold? Councils of the veteran of

Pig-iron weight in the head, from a nose pours into three streams, it is necessary to breathe through the mouth, and to speak - a snuffling voice; and for a minute you cannot leave a handkerchief or a tissue … Unfortunately, such state familiarly much of us, especially in March and April when weather is artful, and immunity is weakened after winter.

During this season of colds to me three times for few months “were especially lucky“ to have. It is boring to repeat therefore the method of treatment for time to time cardinally changed. And here I impart the saved-up experience and the drawn conclusions.

For the first time honestly called the doctor. Registered what all usually drink, but (personally to me) not really helps. It would seem why the doctor who will not appoint anything new is in that case necessary? It is actually necessary to be convinced that you are attacked by banal cold, but more serious and dangerous disease which did not mask under it, it as flu or quinsy.

The second time the illness underwent ignoring. The organism long and painfully fought by own forces - recovered without tablets a little longer.

And at last, the third approach which appeared golden mean between previous: treatment by the checked folk remedies.

By means of the following councils it is possible to get rid of cold in 2 - 3 days if to start treatment at once, from the first sneeze and troubles in a throat.

1. To soar legs in water with mustard. And it is necessary to warm up not only a foot, but also a shin. To remember the main thing that this procedure is not carried out at the body temperature of the patient higher than 37 degrees.

2. Then warm golfs + woolen socks. Besides, legs have to be in heat entirely!

3. To wash out a nose solution of sea salt (also usual food will approach). Somewhere a teaspoon on a glass of warm water, two times a day.

4. To drink more liquid, this by itself. (And where all these liters disappear?!)

5. Eucalyptus inhalations: 3 - 4 drops of essential oil to drip in a cup and to fill in with boiled water. To be covered over all this big towel and to breathe.

6. Onions and garlic contain such substances - phytoncides. Cold very much is not on friendly terms with them! So if you not the vampire - consume! I personally do not decide to chew these root crops therefore I just slice a bulb in a napkin, I stick a nose in this kulechek and I breathe. Thrill-seekers at work advise to dig in garlick or beet juice in nostrils. But I prefer humane methods.

7. To drink to tea with honey or raspberry jam. To be wrapped up completely and to sweat in the pleasure.

8. Massage of biologically active points. For 1,5 minutes forefingers mass symmetric points which are in deepenings of wings of a nose, and then under nostrils, in a junction of an upper lip and nose. At heavy feeling massage of a point between eyebrows, and also roundabouts of fingers on temples will help with the head caused by cold.

9. Fruit, vegetables, berry fruit drinks, herbal teas - what is necessary for the weakened organism instead of heavy, greasy and fried food.

So that quickly to overcome seasonal cold, it is necessary to use all available arsenal:

Tablets - plus that it is easy to apply them outdoors. Happens that it is impossible to sit out in the back, and circumstances throw the patient on an embrasure. But whenever possible best of all stay at home, finding for more time to a dream and rest.

Folk remedies - have a minimum of side effects, but at the same time well help. Unite them with the medicine prescribed by the doctor - and a victory in war with an illness for you! Opposite cold shamefully capitulates, and health, cheerfulness and pleasure of life will immediately return to you.

of Spring mood!