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The aging reason - frequent chagrin?

Millions of people in aspiration to look spend the considerable sums for various cosmetics and procedures younger and more attractively. At the same time there are effective ways and methods to prolong and support the youth. Strangely enough sounds, but these methods are known davny - long ago are positive emotions, good mood and peace of mind.

Modern scientific developments confirm that at the moment of pleasure in a human body certain substances - endorphins which improve work of cages are produced, remove stress and return an organism in the balanced state.

Today the civilization created to the person almost artificial conditions for life. We depart by nature, from that biological rhythm further and further that it is set by all program of human life. We both eat incorrectly, and we sleep incorrectly, we do a lot of things not as it would be desirable, often we do not receive what we aspired to. The harmony and harmony die. As result - accumulation of “slags“ - physical and spiritual, emergence of weakness, diseases and early aging.

No masks, tablets and massage will help to return to skin shine of youth, and to a body - health if the person is hysterical, sensitive, gloomy. Similar feelings force face muscles to be constantly in a condition of tension and an ugly grimace, at the person the voice timbre, a look changes. The Tibetan wise men in general consider chagrin, rage and offense as the strongest poisons for a human body which cause sharp outflow of energy in cages. The deprived parts of energy of a cage necessary for them choke, the metabolism changes, destruction and dying off begins. The life time which is released by the nature given to a cage is reduced. So, and old age not far off.

All our organism the central nervous system - TsNS directs. It regulates work of all other systems - endocrine, is warm - vascular, immune etc.

of TsNS - the only system of an organism which gives in to suggestion. And language in which this suggestion becomes are our feelings. In turn feelings are controlled by consciousness and submit to mentality, that is there is feedback. This communication can be used when forming the mood.

In fight against negative feelings councils it seems “forget all unpleasant, throw out from the head, rejoice“, etc. are empty and unproductive. So to do to create to the organism the best conditions and as long as possible to remain vigorous, young and healthy?

The main thing - to make up the mind to the first step, namely - to firmly believe that negative emotions and feelings - a direct road to wrinkles, gray complexion, dim hair, loss of health. Then, having believed in it, to expel as the worst enemies, all offenses, envy, hatred, fear, rage and other destructive feelings from the mind and heart. Remember a little banal, but very exact characteristic of the pessimist and optimist. The first is always upset, having seen a half-glass of water - so a little, all half-glass! And the optimist rejoices - as it is good, still whole a half-glass! About what it? About the relation to a problem. Look at the problem irritating you on the other hand. This is not about ability to restrain, suffer. It is difficult and will run to an organism into money. It is necessary to try correctly and to treat rationally the arisen problem, what sees. It is a key to replacement of the bad mood at least on neutral.

There is a set of useful books on “how to improve the mood“, “how to cease to be angry“ etc. Pieces of good advice - to take dancing classes, to communicate to good friends, to make some useful business - all this is quite applicable and effective. The main thing, is correct to choose something for itself.

Most often we are tired not of work, and of internal tension. Constantly thinking of the past and the future, we drop out of the present. Chewing offenses of the past and composing future vengeance, we destroy ourselves, we deprive of pleasure and we attract to ourselves a negative. Extending around itself waves of pleasure, a pacification and rest, the person under the law of “an esoteric boomerang“ attracts the same feelings and states in the life.

Psychologists established that our life without problems would be boring and colourless. They help us spiritually and is moral grow, give us life experience. We get a maturity, having learned sufferings. Problems help us to be in “tone“, and after a solution we receive the mass of positive emotions, satisfaction. All is learned in comparison. Only having learned a grief, it is possible to appreciate its contrast - pleasure. Life without problems is impossible. But it is possible to change our relation to problems. And, as a result, to approach a condition of harmony with the world, to be healthy, vigorous, young.

And in conclusion of several small sekretik - keys.

Having woken up, approach a window, cover eyes, having set up sunshine the person, and smile. Detain a smile for several seconds. The reduced muscles will send a signal to a brain - a smile! And what is a smile for a brain (you remember, feedback?) - it means, everything is fine, joyful. And the team went... The mood improved.

Pound vigorously hands, each finger, since a tip. Several seconds of such massage will fill an organism with energy, so, good health.

We are young and vigorous - we say to ourselves this every day! And the main thing - absolutely we trust in it.