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It is beautiful not to tell lies - a story not to tell? From life of Lenfilm. About Baku in Yalta of

In the preface of a cycle of articles I involuntarily misled readers. Yury Dzhorogov told nothing about the directorship in the movie “The Person - an Amphibian“. Alas, alas. At me the stereotype worked. He told about shootings in Yalta, about the ancient ship of a sailing look leased by them for shootings, about sailors - supernumeraries on sails, about crowds of mass meeting in “not ours“ to clothes. And I, probably, slipped by analogies and drew the wrong conclusion - about the movie on Belyaev`s book. Especially as it was talked about 60 - x years...

That absolutely. I am afraid, neither my readers, nor I himself we know nothing about it. Its working name was “Grenada“, its name in the book is mentioned in hire - but I did not remember it.

The scenario was written by one writer working then as the editor-in-chief of the thick literary magazine issued in Leningrad. The scenario was autobiographical and he told about genocide of Armenians in Turkey during World War I and about an outcome of some survivors by the ships through the Caspian Sea from Persia to Azerbaijan.

The nearest safe port was in Baku. There they also came. When Armenian refugees in Baku became too much, allocated them a piece of the empty earth, near the city where they also were constructed. So in 30 km from Baku there was a city of Sumgayit built by refugees of Turkey, which became the city in 1949 thanks to petrochemistry and gained sad popularity at the end of the last century.

I know that I at Wikipedia a different view on city history, but, believe what the first inhabitants of Sumgayt (as it was called in the beginning) nevertheless know better.

Under the scenario the decision “to make“ was made, the film group is created, the production manager is appointed. And in Baku “investigation“ was sent, to look for “nature“, places for shootings. Searches in Baku were not crowned with success - the director did not find Baku necessary to it in Baku modern the beginnings of the century. And when after that they tried to look for required Baku in Yalta, it turned out. And as a result of shooting began to carry out in Yalta and to the sea near Yalta.

Heat, lot of vacationers. And separately - crowd of the martyrs transferring a heat almost completely dressed. In the evening actors, having got out to bathe to the beach, frightened other bathers by faces and hands suntanned until black - at completely white other body.

Shootings at the sea were even more abruptly. On the deck of the old ship the lot of people suffered. I.e. only prototypes had to suffer, the people who ran away from genocide, but in narrowness, a heat, with a lot of the equipment, suffered not only actors, but also all film crew. Except the sun from the sky of actors roasted also a searchlight. And the other equipment was heated mighty well. And around on the deck - people.

According to the scenario the grandfather of the main character quietly died in way. And while, at last, all died and shootings at the sea were finished - all were simply happy. The ship turned to the coast...

When they already approached a pier... Two in three-piece suits approached the production manager waiting for them in port. Lit trigram red crusts and asked:

- This your vessel?

- Yes.

- IMMEDIATELY to CLEAN. Both vessel and people.

As the vessel was outside of port, separated from the water area by a pier, “to clean as soon as possible“ meant - to moor to a pier, to expel all passengers on a pier, there 10 minutes - they leave port. The vessel during this time goes to the neighboring small town, to pier where it also stood always. And made.

And when actors and a film crew a cheerful Gipsy camp went on a pier, from nowhere - the cruise liner came. With tourists. Which spent kilometers of cinema - and films for this exotic. And the liner was Spanish. Just the USSR partly reconciled with Spain, and it was the first cruise Spain-USSR since the end of civil war in Spain.

The production manager was detained and sent to a chamber directly on a pier.

But Yury Dzhorogov was not shy ten, the veteran, etc. in addition - the order to unload a ship and to bring people on a pier was given at witnesses... Hour through two interrogations the local chief also came suggested to write explanatory what it, Dzhorogov, made (made) foolishly, on own initiative - and to it for it nothing will be.

In reply Dzhorogov offered a compromise - it is released now and then he will tell nobody how young subordinates of the local chief messed up. They also agreed on this compromise. Shootings continued.

The finished shooting material received the name. The movie was twisted. The movie had a category. And here the success - was not... But what was rest in Yalta!