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Why there is cellulitis?

Cellulitis it is possible to warn and even to get rid of it, knowing its main reasons. Nearly 90% of women face this problem sooner or later. Unfortunately, not only the way of life, but also physiological factors promote its emergence.

Let`s consider the main reasons which are provokers of emergence of ill-fated “orange-peel“, and then probability if not to say goodbye to it for ever, then to considerably improve an esthetic look to you it is provided for 100%.

I would like to begin with improper feeding and frequent fluctuation of weight . All know, but I will repeat that our favourite cakes, chocolate, macaroni, smoked products, a pickles, fried and greasy food, mayonnaise, chips, sausage, marinades, alcohol, aerated water is and there are main wreckers. We want to get rid of cellulitis? We change our diet which from now on on 2/3 has to consist of vegetables and fruit.

Time we started talking about food then I will allocate one more reason: salt detains liquid in an organism, and it provokes puffiness, breaks blood circulation, increases permeability of walls of vessels, thereby damaging them. And in places of these damages fats therefore it is very important to watch that vodno - the salt exchange was not broken collect.

The following reason - a hormonal imbalance . As showed researches, cellulitis has the hormonal nature therefore violation or change of our hormonal balance leads to a hypertrophy of fatty cages, as is a basis of increase in fatty tissue. The main gormonochuvstvitelny receptors settle down in zones of hips and a stomach. There is a violation of blood circulation in vessels of fatty tissue which are squeezed by these most fatty cages, venous insufficiency develops, products of disintegration collect and oxygen does not come to fabrics. As a result, cellulitis is formed - it is one more serious reason.

The wrong blood circulation arises also owing to a sedentary life - of a hypodynamia . Moreover, we often try to sit down if there is such opportunity, and low-mobility breaks outflow of a lymph and provokes obstruction of vessels from - for inaction of muscles.

Stresses and nervous breakdowns are also one of factors of emergence of “orange-peel“. Disorder of a gastrointestinal tract breaks digestion, is warm - vascular - blood circulation, endocrine - a metabolism and so on, well and to all other the sleep is interrupted.

Heredity - not less important reason which is transferred on the female line and that to reveal it, is enough to get accustomed to seniors. If your mothers, grandmothers suffered from varicosity, obesity, hypostases, that is probability that you can have also a congenital cellulitis, but it is not the fact and moreover, reparable yet. The main thing that you had no congenital laziness, then cellulitis to you will not hinder. At desire, it is possible to struggle with it.

Smoking and caffeine are not included into the list of the main reasons, but will not be to mention them superfluous. Smoking in itself is unhealthy in general, and as for our subject then it is necessary to mention that factor that nicotine worsens blood circulation, bringing vessels to a spasm state that breaks blood circulation. It is also necessary to add that it destroys vitamins, in particular vitamin C, and it, in turn, leads to violations of work of cages and presenilation. Well it is also necessary to add that smoking promotes emergence of free radicals which destroy a cage. As for caffeine, a large number it contains in coffee and tea therefore do not abuse. It prevents assimilation of minerals and iron which is main “transporter“ of oxygen in vessels.

Perhaps, it is the main reasons for developing of cellulitis. Agree that at desire it is possible to begin to get rid of it already now and immediately, starting with the first point, and to add on one, let not at once, but gradually. Believe, the result will please you.

Be beautiful!