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What is the Hampton Court palace known for?

Hampton Court - one of the most picturesque palaces of England. It is located on the bank of the Thames in the London suburb Richmond.

the First constructions of the estate Hampton belonged to knights - gospitalyer of an award of Saint Ion Iyerusalimsky who used it as a country house, and territories, adjacent to the estate, - for the agricultural grounds.

History of Hampton Court is connected with an era of government of the king Henry VIII which got the palace as a gift from the cardinal Thomas Uolsi. Uolsi became the first owner of the estate, considerably expanded and improved territories near it and built up apartments for himself and for members of royal family.

The generous gift, however, did not save the cardinal from royal disgrace and an imprisonment. Nevertheless Hampton Court became the favourite palace of the king. He with ecstasy built up new possession and spent the most part of the time here.

It is possible to call Hampton Court the palace of entertainments. Here royal feasts and various festivals were arranged. Henry VIII constructed several tennis courts, the avenue for bowling and park for hunting here. The special place was allocated to royal kitchen which was considered as a sign of wealth and luxury in those days.

However, the atmosphere of the palace is connected not only with entertainments, but also with drama events. In Hampton Court there were rooms of the second wife of Henry VIII, notorious Anna Boleyn who was executed on a charge of high treason by order of the blessed spouse. Here his third wife Jane Seymour died after the delivery. And exactly from here took away into custody in the Tower his fifth wife, Catherine Howard who was executed subsequently too. They say that the ghost of the last cannot still find rest and often wanders in the palace. In general, Hampton Court is filled with the mystical and abnormal phenomena which are fixed in the special magazine.

After Henry VIII`s death Hampton Court served as the place of stay of three of his successors. Queen Elizabeth of I often accepted foreign delegations here and carried out theatrical representations.

At the time of board of an era Styuartov theater of Hampton Court deserved a rank of one of the oldest theaters of England. Exactly here William Shakespeare played the plays before members of royal family.

Hampton Court considerably changed the shape at the time of government of Wilhelm III and his spouse Mary II. They ordered to demolish the old building in Gothic style and on its place build the new palace which would resemble the Parisian Versailles. The famous architect Christopher Ray directed works at that time. The idea of construction of Versailles in England was successful only partially. However this mixture of two styles does it incredibly attractive to visitors.

The king George II who also brought the contribution in detuning of new apartments was the last who lived in the palace.

At the time of government of the Queen Victoria, in 1838, the Hampton Court Palace for the first time opened the doors for visitors.

The separate attention is deserved by royal gardens and park - a labyrinth, one of the largest in Europe - 180 cm high and 80 cm of corridors wide.

Hampton Court is the amazing place which managed to keep the initial shape. Here everything is impregnated with the atmosphere of the Middle Ages - whether it be huge kitchen where during excursions on the palace fancy-dress shows on preparation of dishes are carried out during an era of the Tudor dynasty, or the ceremonial hall, one of the most majestic halls of that time, or a royal chapel which served members of royal family according to the destination for 450 years.

Walking on Hampton Court gardens, it is easy to imagine the notable grandees and kings who were slowly walking up and down on the possession and also those events which took place here throughout centuries.