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What do we know about the most famous screen versions of fairy tales of Gogol?

As the esteemed classic of the Russian literature, Gogol in the USSR picturized often and willingly (in my opinion, only “The bewitched place“ did not find the film embodiment). But the most famous screen versions of fairy tales, certainly, steel three - “Evenings on the farm near Dykanka“ (1961), “Viy“ (1967) and “The gone diploma“ (1972). We will also talk about them.

Though the movie were also called by “Evenings on the farm near Dykanka“, it represents only one of stories of the collection, namely “Night before Christmas“. A director was who other as Alexander Rowe therefore the result turned out even more fantastically, than Gogol`s original, and was perfectly perceived by children.

It is amusing that “role“ of the Ukrainian Dykanka (which is in Poltava region also now) at Rowe was “played“ by the Russian village of Gigiryovo near Zvenigorod. It in general was the favourite place of shootings of the director - it we can see in his movies “The barbarian - beauty, a long braid“, “Morozko“, “Finist - the Clear Falcon“. Not without reason in a kinosreda it nicknamed Gigirou.
However, during shootings of “Evenings“ in Moscow area had not enough snow therefore the landscape with snow-covered mountains had to be removed even on the Kola Peninsula.

Many eminent actors were involved in the movie, but two were especially allocated.
In - the first, “divine“ Solokh performed by Lyudmila Hityaeva. However, for literary Solokhi the actress was too good, young and thin. Therefore for strengthening of “appetency“ put on several skirts Lyudmila Ivanovna, and she tried to incline below during shootings the head that the second chin turned out.
could not but also the favourite actor Rowe - Georgy Millyar will be remembered. The role of the devil not for him was a new experience - he quite often played any evil spirits - from the Baba-yaga to Koshchey Bessmertny. On shootings of “Evenings“ it was necessary to it most heavier because the frost stood on the street good (moreover and special vetroduyam created a blizzard), and on the actor only the thin body stockings with the pasted hair were put on. Hityaeva remembered that, putting on the devil`s concert, Millyar was constantly christened, speaking: “My God, forgive me for this hooliganism!“.

The movie“ Viy“ was shot in 1967 and became the first real film horror film in the USSR. The idea to shoot the movie belonged to the director Ivan Pyryev. But as he was also the director of “Mosfilm“, that is the busy person, it gave idea on development to young directors - to Konstantin Yershov and Georgy Kropachyov (Pyryev once arrived also with the scenario of “Carnival night“, having given it to Ryazanov). However the finished shooting material was not pleasant to it “excessive realness“, and he called to the aid the director Alexander Ptushko. Though the name of Ptushko costs only as the coauthor of the scenario, as a matter of fact the set of scenes was made a copy by it anew.

“The sportswoman, the member of the Komsomol and just the beauty“ - Natalya Varley - was chosen for a pan-night role from - for sports the training shown the previous year in “The Caucasian captive“. To fly on a coffin a touchy business. The flying coffin was suspended to a dome on metal strings, and the actress was fastened an assembly belt. But once “pan-night“ everything is managed to drop out of a coffin, and was caught by miracle in the bottom of her film antagonist Homa Brut performed by Leonid Kuravlyov.
Anyway, Varlya coped with the role, and here took to sound a pan-night everything - other actress - Klara Rumyanova.

In the beginning for the image of evil spirits wanted to use the increased insects and spiders, but decided to manage a classical arsenal in the form of bats, black cats, eagle owls and crows.
the Make-up of any vampires, dead persons and gnomes Mokil developed Sarr. The result left very worthy. And here the Viy personally very much was not pleasant to me. By the way, on an initial director`s plan it had to appear from under the earth, breaking a floor of church, and in its lines the centurion, the father of a pan-night had to be recognized. But then decided to make more classical “crank“ of it. As a result on the screen the Viy looked too igrushechno, reminding more character of the doll animated film.

The suit of the Viy was such heavy that it actor`s a simple role was played by the weight-lifter. At the same time even it, taking several steps, began to be dripping with sweat.
Other evil spirits too were played by athletes, circus actors and several dwarfs.

The movie “The Gone Diploma“ shot on a film studio by Dovzhenko became the most unusual screen version of fairy tales of Gogol. The initial scenario was called “A blind rain“ and was more serious. Victor Gres had to shoot the movie, and to play a role of Cossack Vasyl Anatoly Papanov. But Gres got sick and gave the scenario to the director Boris Ivchenko. That first of all took for Vasyl Ivan Mikolaychuk`s role and strongly processed the scenario.

In spite of the fact that the scenario differed in an excessive liberty in relation to the primary source, and the movie teetered on the brink an art - a house, the director managed to transmit spirit of phantasmagoria and that special Ukrainian humour which filled Gogol`s works. The esthetics of absurdity and a carnival do not do the movie boring and unclear. On the contrary, many phrases for a long time are engraved in the memory:

- You though with me, the Cornflower, said goodbye!
- Yes you that, the woman! There the Queen waits for me!

Ask it whether he wants from me in a snout?

Behind an occasion I do not drink!

- Listen, Vasyl, and can we will drink a little bit? there is no
- forces to refuse. A little bit... Well, bucket...
- Two buckets.
- And a beer keg.

From - behind this of foolish firing could and not get home.

The queen well-mannered - and - and... Here so - fie! - will spit... Here, that you made? And she here so will spit and will pound, will spit and right there will pound...

After the end of shootings in 1972 the movie unexpectedly got on a regiment (probably, seemed to censors insufficiently ideological) and lay there, according to one data, before collapse of the USSR, on others - till 1987 (all - seems to me that I found it during the Soviet era). To this day it is one of my most favourite movies.

On it I finish the cycle about Gogol`s fairy tales, and finally I will remember two jokes. It would be very desirable that the relevance was kept by the first, but not the second.

1) - Giv how in English there will be an egg flip?
- I Think, Shakespeare - mekspir.

2) - And what you will tell about Gogol?
- Well... Gogol is my favourite searcher...

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