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Exist many explanations for the term of love. One call love the intimate and deep feeling directed on other personality, a human community or idea. In ancient mythology and poetry - space force, similar to gravity. At Platon and in a platonizm love - an Eros - the incentive force of spiritual ascension; in ordinary word usage Platonic love - love, free from a sensual inclination. Sexual love in its modern form individually - selective feeling - result of long historical development of the human person. So what actually we presently self-interest, commercialism and cruelty can call love, deep feeling or cold calculation?

You look at some loving couples, two weeks meet, and use such big sincere words, different swear oaths. Children, the relations are checked by time, life situations, but not words and walks on the city, cinema - cafe. There will pass month - it is such trifle. You still do not even know, each other, do not know that He loves more: green tea about tiramisu or strong coffee without sugar; and It - the white roses or field camomiles broken by hands of darling. The first half a year you will recognize each other, to learn interests, hobbies, to meet friends. And further everything already depends on you. Feelings (do not confuse to love which lasts only a few months) appear in a year, even one and a half. When already you make to it without excess questions black tea with two spoons of sugar, cook for it favourite chicken with cheesecake, knowing that he loves with cheese. And he knows what you love flowers what to present for holidays, birthdays of your parents, and his friends so get used to see you together that is perceived as a single whole; remembers the general significant dates and this day awakes you with an early call that today 8 - e... You together mature, begin to dream of future wedding and about children, greedy arguing as you will call them. Time goes. Quarrels, scandals, night calls, hysterics, tears will begin. Appreciate not mere words and when to three mornings it comes to you with a bouquet of your favourite flowers, strong squeezes that loves both will never release, and quietly cries that was tired of your hysterics. And you beat in a hysterics its car, shout at it, and he just silently, listens to you, without offending at the same time. Here that means these relations, but not your words not necessary to anybody, unfortunately! The main thing to be able to keep these relations, to be able to talk, listen to each other. Do not lose love from - for Pride. You can nevermore meet it which just worried that put on more warmly, ate, in time went to bed...

If he loves you, he can never break off these relations. Anyway, will appear in your life, and you, silently, will love it it, difficult, different. Then the new relations will begin, you will look for replacement, similar, but will never feel what made you happy...

As if people left, will always remain in a fit of temper because they taught to love each other.

And nevertheless I believe that yet romanticism did not disappear, there did not pass that feeling of love which over time of course at big effort, and laborious collaboration turns, in what we call love.

You love each other. Without missing not the slightest moment. Because time when you can just not be in time can come.