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What the citizen needs to know at communication with the police officer?

Police - an integral part of a guarantee of safety presently! Both in the afternoon, and at night law enforcement bodies protect us from possible criminal encroachments: deception, violence, disorderly conduct. the Present law-enforcement system passed

from the prepotent relations between the police officer and the citizen - to partner. Meanwhile, each of us in the life can face police officers. There are some rules which everyone needs to know to the citizen and which should be followed at communication with police.

The bases for the address of the police officer to the citizen can be different: from planned inspection of a passport system to suspicion you in commission of any crime or administrative offense. First of all, you remember St. 51 Constitutions of the Russian Federation according to which “Nobody is obliged to testify against himself, the spouse and close relatives...“. It is a guarantor of your legal safety.

You go down the street, do not make any illegal actions, the police officer addresses you. At the address to you he is obliged to call the position, a rank, a surname; upon the demand of the citizen to show the official ID; to call the address reason.

You have full authority to write down data and number of a counter of the police officer for the instruction them in the possible complaint. In case of violation of an order of the address of the police officer to the citizen established by the Charter patrulno - sentry duty of police, refer to illegality of actions of the police officer.

At application of the measures limiting your rights and freedoms, the police officer is obliged to explain the reason and the bases of application of such measures, and also the rights arising in this regard and duties. In conversation the police officer is obliged to show tranquility, should not lose self-control, should not respond with roughness to roughness.

If you did not have a passport, it is not the basis for detention or for any punishment. However it is desirable - to have all a photocopy of the passport or other document proving your identity.

In what case physical force can be applied to the citizen, handcuffs, a rubber stick or firearms are used?

the Employee has to tell the person concerning whom such application is planned that he (police officer) intends to use force or specifics, and to give time to this person to fulfill legal requirements of the police officer (item 1 of Art. 19 of Federal Law - 3). But this rule does not work if delay creates direct threat of life or to health, and also danger of approach of other heavy consequences.

At their application the police officer not only considers a situation, degree of danger of actions of the person, character and force of the shown resistance, but also seeks for minimization of damage (the p. 3 of Art. 19).

If as a result of use of physical force, specifics or the weapon to the citizen caused injuries, then the police officer gives it first aid and takes measures for delivery of health care.

to the citizen of such injuries the police officer as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours, notifies relatives or other relatives of the victim (the p. 5 of Art. 19) On causing.

Physical force is used only when in not power ways to stop an offense, to force to performance of legal requirement of the police officer or it is impossible to bring the detainee (p.1 to Art. 20 of Federal Law - 3).

the Activity of police limiting the rights and freedoms of citizens, immediately stops if the lawful objectives are achieved or it became clear that this purpose cannot or should not be reached by restriction of the rights and freedoms of citizens“ (item 2 of Art. 5 of Federal Law - 3).

Anyway at the address of the police officer to you keep calm and self-control. If the police officer violates the law, you can always appeal against its actions in prosecutor`s office or at the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and in case of validity of the complaint of the employee will comprehend punishment.

You are not rude to the police officer, immediately carry out his lawful requirements. Also remember your rights!