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What Joseph Stalin did not love Leonid Krasin for?

on February 28, 1925 Iosif Vissarionovich wrote that “… process of dying off of a number of old heads of writers and old “leaders“ … took place always. Lunacharskiye, Pokrovsky, … Krasin etc., - are that the first samples of the former leaders which came me back to memory - the Bolsheviks who departed then for supporting roles“ (I. V. Stalin, Compositions, t. 7, p. 43).

I it - in relation to the Bolshevist guard checked by time?! Though … Hostility of the Secretary general of that time of the Central Committee of RCP(b) to Leonid Krasin is quite explainable. In December, 1922 there was an open conflict between it and Bukharin and Pyatakov who supported him then, on the one hand, and Krasin - to another. If the first were against the state monopoly in the sphere of foreign trade, then the plenipotentiary and sales representative of the Soviet Russia in Great Britain - is rigid, consecutive and unshakable - pro. Then Iosif Vissarionovich with companions had to recede. On Krasin`s party there was a strong support in Vladimir Ilyich`s face.

But in April of the following, 1923, at the XII congress Leonid Borisovich underwent new, sharp criticism. This time the question of a possibility of attraction in the Russian economy of foreign investments, mainly in the form of concessions became a stumbling block.

Krasin considered that still Soviet Russia “by own forces, money and brains is not able to cope with restoration of production in the vital industries, we remain nothing else how to call the foreign capital, at least it was necessary to pay fine it for science“.

And not only considered, but also took certain practical steps in this direction. In many respects exactly thanks to its initiative the first enterprises, joint with the foreign capital, began to be created. Only on one of them (russko - the English firm “ARKOS“) in October, 1920 the Soviet government order for 2 million was placed (!) pounds sterling.

But to 1923 - mu Iosif Vissarionovich was more prepared for the fight which is coming at congress. In two months prior to its beginning the special commission of RCP(b) of the Central Committee carried out a profound inspection of Narkomat headed by Krasin of foreign trade and structures subordinated to it. Having studied documents headed by Krasin in 1920 - m to year of the delegation of Tsentrosoyuz which signed with the Swedish concern “Nordquist and Golma“ the contract for production of engines of a series E, so necessary the Soviet Russia for recovery of its economy destroyed by World War I and civil wars, Leonid Borisovich was accused that in it Belgardt - the former imperial official of very high level was involved.

Arguments of the legendary figure of domestic locomotive building and Krasin`s deputy for the special railway commission of Yury Vladimirovich Lomonosov about what exactly thanks to this expert gold at the highest course therefore the profit according to the transaction made 6 348 thousand kroner was succeeded to sell to Swedes were not taken into account. The only thing that Lomonosov the objections achieved, so it the fact that he was not just dismissed, and was thrown out from work. Without the right further to occupy “responsible state positions“.

Generally, from the point of view of party fellows, personnel policy of Krasin was his obvious “defect“ more than once causing serious irritation in instances of the highest level. And not only party. Not once he rescued from, apparently, inevitable execution of the high quality experts arrested by the Extraordinary Commission. It is enough to remember history of release of. Zernova is professors of Petrograd institute of technology. Or groups of the engineers working at construction of the Volkhov and Svirsky hydroelectric power stations.

Krasin employed the former millionaire Alexey Monisov who subsequently opened scandalous things of corruption, embezzlement of public funds and most banal theft both in the State storage of values, and in a number of other public institutions. Well and how here not to be indignant “klassovo with alien elements“, got in an inner sanctum of government - auditing bodies! And it - with connivance if not to tell more, the certain companions suffering from an extreme form of political short-sightedness?

Concerning the contract with the Swedish concern the special commission of RCP(b) of the Central Committee which part the vice-president of Council of People`s Commissars Alexey Rykov, the people`s commissar of finance Grigory Sokolnikov and the secretary of the Central Committee Valerian Kuybyshev were had to Leonid Krasin also more serious questions. For example, on the fact that the agreement included the provision that “within three next years of performance … the order founders will not demand increase of the earnings“.

according to members of the commission, such condition led not to saving of public funds, and in the most serious way undermined prestige of the socialist state which in dispute between the workers of wage labor who are fairly demanding increase of the amount of the earnings, and exploiting them capitalists took because of Krasin the part of the last. As a result industrialists got profit, and was refused to workers political and economic support.

The Swedish contract, generally - only one of documents in all numerous directions which at the very beginning of 20 - x as obliges were supervised by the first people`s commissar of foreign trade of the USSR (1923) . It is possible to imagine what total volume of a compromising evidence on it the special commission managed to collect!

But the main thing - even not all this, often quite doubtful “seamy side“. The most terrible, from the point of view of Joseph Stalin, was the fact that in a question of a possibility of broad attraction of foreign investments for recovery of the economy of the Soviet Russia his opponent was supported by Lev Trotsky who somehow noted that “…“ not only “on a position“, but also on all the past Krasin was capable to understand before many others that the Soviet economy cannot develop as the system isolated, closed in itself. He too well knew structure of our industry, its pre-war communication with the foreign industry, its dependence on the European and American equipment“.

So it or otherwise, but the most part of delegates of the XII congress did not hear Leonid Borisovich Krasin`s opinion. And recovery of the economy of the country, and then and its industrialization, went absolutely according to other scenario.

History does not know a subjunctive mood, but who knows, as if everything developed further if Krasin`s ideas then were given the chance to be realized?

Leonid Borisovich in London where he fulfilled duties of the plenipotentiary of the Soviet state in Great Britain died on November 24, 1926. To that repressive shaft which will cover the country in 30 - x, it was still far. Perhaps therefore Krasin was cremated, and the ballot box with his ashes is walled in a wall of the Moscow Kremlin at Red Square.

Only (!) for all history of the Soviet state the monument to Leonid Krasin was established on his Homeland, in Kurgan, in 1978. Its articles, letters and performances, even to a centenary (1970), did not appear the separate edition. Perhaps, and therefore that this not only clever and knowing, but also the courageous person, once was not afraid to take the responsibility and openly expressed on questions of its perspective development, important for the country.

And all - in my opinion, will once come time and Leonid Borisovich Krasin will be appreciated by the descendants. It will surely come …