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How to ask the man so that he heard?
the Majority of my acquaintances and girlfriends face the same problem - men do not support them in any way, and hints and semi-hints about what difficult life, and at least small monetary support, did not prevent at all or as there is a wish to receive from it though some gift, simply ignore. And men in turn remind koshcheya which withers over the gold, and most of all in life is afraid that it was not used, and it did not start up gold on numerous sales. And a hint, the man perceives as a lifebuoy because it it is possible to ignore, pretend that he did not understand, and long still to deny the awareness of all importance of a situation that when the woman, at last, explodes fireworks of claims, to issue the phrase - “so why you did not tell at once“.

Still there is such zakorenely a stereotype which was thought up to inspire sense of guilt, the woman needing support - “I am not necessary to you, you need only money, mercenary a knot, well and a blablabla“. The honest and decent woman will snuffle silently and to continue to pull everything on the shoulders, there is no wish to get under this category, I not such at all, I wait for the tram, and in general, love only yours is necessary to me, Vasenka. And those which chucked in this stereotype quietly declare - “yes, I want that washing life it developed so - and so - and in any way on - to another“. It is possible to sit, snuffle, continuing to live for a beggarly salary, and it is possible as in that tale of a goldfish to shed tears with a chipped washing-tub, having gone too far in one of the parties. First of all, adequately to estimate possibilities of the man, and the requirements, to learn to state accurately and clear the thoughts that I should for what it is necessary to me, and not hesitate to ask what you dream to yourself as a gift long ago of.

In general, to men krovopiyeets which come for hunting after midnight in all haunts of vice large and not really the cities is time to learn to distinguish long ago, from women who know the own worth, and at the same time are ready to balance between to take and give. And that turns out that if you have any desires of the better life, you it will offend gentle “I“ am Vasenki who lies on a sofa, and its contribution to the relations is regarded by the phrase - “who the man in the house?“ Having heard the phrase about what all women of a korystna from lips of such man, at least is ridiculous. The paradox is in that, as on such Vasenka there will be hundreds of pretenders. As the foreigner living some time in Ukraine “women at you remarkable told, but they have one minus - themselves not appreciated“. Here also two extremes - those who are on sale on the left and to the right, and those to whom absolutely nothing is necessary turn out.

And the middle consists in that not with a type of the beggar to cadge a tsyatska, or with is proud of the polnyaty head, this tsyatsky, bought for the pennies, the postponed half a year, to shake before his nose, and accurately and to inform distinctly what you deserve what you count on and that you already want to get so long ago.