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May 9 - What to do? Communication of memory, conscience and … investments of

took place a trip of three Japanese to Hasansky district of Primorsky Krai Recently. A main objective of a trip - acquaintance on the district to the cape of Lomonosov in the bay Transportable. Here construction of plant on the liquefaction of natural gas (LNG) is planned. Apparently is a joint investment project of Gazprom and Japan. The presentation of this project already took place, protests of ecologists etc. began. All widely known processes at implementation of any investment project began.

But not about prospects for Primorsky Krai and Russia of this investment project the speech will go. And not about its scales, a site or environmental and other risks. It will be a question absolutely of another - about system of values of the Japanese investors who made rather risky decision on cooperation with Russia. the Best way to check reality of any cultural, cultural and other non-material wealth to look - about what values people tell
and in what values people put the material resources, beginning from money and finishing with time of the life. Of course, only those which are provided with resources will be real. Other values can be carried safely to the category PPR - sat, chatted, dispersed.
in Vladivostok of g - number of Oisi Sokhei I got acquainted With the head of the Japanese center incidentally. We spoke on different subjects. Including - about uniqueness of some places in Primorsky Krai and unique prospects of Vladivostok. Of course, at competent approach. Therefore when there was a need of a trip together (as I assume) with the persons interested in construction of LNG plant in Hasansky r - N, Oisi - a dignity invited me as the taxi driver.
our trip was beyond the far main goal. We on the road visited practically all historical monuments of the area. Especially I pay attention that almost all of them are devoted to fight against Japan! It and the conflicts with the USSR, it and fight for independence of Korea. But even these “anti-Japanese“ culturally - historical objects had a keen interest of Japanese.

(a photo 1)

If we were limited only to the bay Transportable, then the cost of a trip was about 1,5 - 2 times less.
For comparison of level of culture of the relation to the historical capital of the region in which are realized business - projects can remember interview of - on Agalarov (the owner of the Krokus company, the general contractor of construction of DFU to Russky Island) to the Azerbaijani television. It was directly declared that before arrival of the Crocus company into Russian there was nothing, except an entsefalitny tick here. Strangely enough, quality of construction still generates a set of a negative in mass media. Unlike quality of building of many objects of Vladivostok Fortress on the same island, one of the largest sea fortresses in the world …
I still to me remembered the book “Bison“ of Daniil Granin. Who does not remember - it is about Nikolay Timofeev - Rezovsk. I will afford the small quote:

“The person who is so well knowing the ancestors met to me for the first time. Presently further the grandfather seldom who what remembers and knows. And there was no great interest. What ancestors? What advantage from them? “Let`s renounce the old world...“ Renounced also a family tree at the same time. There who? Oppressors or oppressed, dark, hammered. We began to all. All of us began anew. And again anew. And once again. That not to hide a noble origin, it those years was not found. He though laughed, and told about the kuroles with pride. “

It appears b, for specific people a realization level of quality business - projects (as well as economies in general for the state) and value level culturally - the historical capital are in direct dependence. And this rule works is not dependent on the country of residence or a nationality on the birth. An example of that is quality of the Japanese production as best way of a materialization of level of the Japanese culture and history. Compare to quality of domestic goods and services, especially in the last years twenty …
If to remember all great figures though Russian though Soviet period - all of them well knew history some kind of. This history for them was not a dead letter in the textbook which can be changed under each power, and live history which can be remade only the personal participation, only the achievements.
However it means that without increase of the level of knowledge of our history by us it is simply impossible to reach improvement of quality of life in Russia. And first of all - without knowledge not of the general (read - abstract), and personal history, history some kind of. the question - why so Can arise? I think that the knowledge of achievements of the ancestors is the cornerstone of such concept as conscience. If you know achievements of ancestors, then there is a motive to reach not smaller, than they, to become the successor of patrimonial achievements. it is At the same time formed also self-respect. At first - advantages some kind of, then advantages of a personal contribution to patrimonial history. It is sure, the scale of responsibility to ancestors determines also the scale of responsibility to descendants. These qualities form, one may say, methodological approach to the solution of any tasks which set we should solve during life.
Perhaps, is very symbolical that the trip, our with Japanese, took place in revival? Perhaps, it will give an additional impetus to revival of our patrimonial memories?
I here we face the simple choice. we Will continue to speak about relevance of knowledge of history some kind of or we will be each opportunity to use for business, for deepening of this knowledge in ourselves, in the children, in our society for strengthening of the base of our successful development?

What to do?

the Victory Day Comes. I suggest to use on May 9 directly - to accumulation of own historical capital. to Find photos of ancestors - soldiers - Winners at the front and in the back. Not bad - to make updating of these old photos. To remember and tell the children - where and as their grandfathers and great-grandfathers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers were at war. Perhaps, to help to organize such stands of Memory at schools and HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS where children or grandsons study. Perhaps, it is very simple to make connection between generations of the most obvious: on one photo to place also the ancestor and the descendant.

(a photo 2) still - to write to

I the personal memorable address to the native soldier of the Eternal Team of Russia. For example, in such format

(a photo 3) on May 9, 2013 to send to

I to a Moment of silence this address to the ancestors - directly to the sky, having attached it to a balloon...

And then there will be real Vysotsky`s
lines our dead us will not leave in trouble,
our fallen - as sentries...
Is reflected the sky in the wood as in water,
I trees cost blue.

Will become real for each of us, and our Eternal Team of Russia will become on our protection.