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Why people communicate on social networks and at forums?

Are opinion that on the Internet those who did not take place in life look for themselves. In the Network people do three things: brag, philosophize and collect likes. In the Network it is safe. We do not bear responsibility for anything as in life.

People brag of the number of friends. Some add as a friend people whom they do not know. Not to look lonely which they in life can be. However, they are so silly that cannot realize own loneliness. Existence around the person of people does not speak about his ability to be on friendly terms really. And how the person can have five hundred friends? The true friend is one or two. It to you will be told by everyone who really has friends. To brag of friends in the Network or something else is the first business.

Happens, people will create in a couple of minutes some post with the popular performer or with something else and ask to put like. Why they take these likes personally? It is unclear. It is certain vanity and self-deception.

Also people in something compete. Here already the scope for clever men opens. Everyone tries to flash the knowledge, without missing any opportunity. Everyone wants to be allocated. Everyone thinks himself the wise man, the guru, the know-it-all or the big expert. Here you wrote article and you see how someone speaks to you: “Not bad, but to us to you it is still far, you try and everything will turn out, we are that professionals, generally, years fifty trainings - and at you will begin something to turn out, something, bearing a faint resemblance to our masterpieces“. People compete who will better joke, will write the best comment and so on.

We often see how girls, women call themselves on the Internet “Beautiful“, “Dream“ or “Vamp“ … Nobody will call himself “So-so“ or

which is “Getting fat“ … Guys do not lag behind too and put to themselves on an avatar of a photo of Johnny Depp or Brad Pete. It is possible just some monster, the character of game or comics. The exception is made by those who want to brag, for example, of car. And here we already see the car on a background which as if is looking out from - for beer a stomach of its owner.

The foreshortening is of great importance for the photo too. From other foreshortening it is possible not to recognize the person, and having met in life - and even less so.

Certainly, on the Internet there is a lot of lie. But all this allows people to feel those whom they cannot be in real life.

In life there is something similar. Women carry high heels, pump up lips silicone to become higher also gubasty. But the nature created women below, than men. It is attempt to change the nature. The mankind never before lived naturally therefore it is difficult for us to present how it can look. People are the victims of some culture and fashion. We deny the nature instead of understanding and accepting it, to adapt to it. We change naturalness for artificiality.

We try to cause envy in others as though we derive pleasure from it. Try to cause envy in someone and estimate the feelings. Whether really you feel some high, or it something unclear. On ten-mark system what you would deliver an assessment to this feeling? And whether you know that many, envying you, do not admire, and begin to hate you and bear you the malice?

The imagination of people allows them to live in the illusory world. So it is possible not to see the real life at all.