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How to find friends?

A in any way. Time so it turned out that you read this article, means you have no friends. Isn`t it? Because it is very silly to read article under the name “How to Find Friends?“, at the same time having friends (learn so up to necks will give, it is honest - such they are friends).

And there can be I am mistaken, maybe the fact that you were disappointed in the friends and want to find new friends, but here other question: Whether “You know that new friends can disappoint you too?“. Thus you will look for them eternally as ideal does not happen, and sometimes it is necessary to be able to understand, accept and forgive. Rule of three “Ï“, and so that. But nevertheless, in this case probably it is slightly easier to find new friends, time so and you want, but OUCH watch because not fools were grandfathers when spoke: “Old friends and old wine are best“. New it is necessary to look for, but with old it is better to make friends. If your problem was this, then can not read further, you know what to do farther, and know what is friendship and how many joy it brings, so go and act. Do not brake.

And for the others, continuation...

It became very popular to be the egoist, lonely, we see hundreds of communities on social networks which propagandize egoism, we know hundreds of quotes about the same subject, but what for? Why such silly words as: “It is better to be a lonely wolf, than with stady rams“. We just want to feel “important“, “necessary“, we want that paid attention to us, and it we push away from ourselves all and all (nevertheless it should be noted that at some companions it turns out, and it is quite successful). But to write all this in the statuses, to do reposts of records on walls, and even to push away - all this nonsense if you initially did not have those whom to push away. In that case dear reader, your affairs just Super! Brilliantly would even tell. I do not know as you lived, live, and will live. You read still, means you want, very much you want to find friends, well both correctly you do, and sincerely I believe that you will find!!!

Enough excess words, only to increase quantity of signs, let`s solve a problem. Let`s smile in - the first... Let`s deeply inhale, and we will believe in ourselves... Though article and not on increase of a self-assessment, but if you have problems with friends, means there are problems and with a self-assessment, or it at you too overestimated, or it at you it is simple “on a floor“. By the way, friends help with it very intelligibly and productively!

So to do?

How to be?

Ask yourself the main issue: “-And me friends are necessary?“. If the answer - “No“, then super what you read it? And if though some edge, absolutely slightly - slightly, but it is similar on “Yes“, then read the first offer of article.

Thus, passing from article to article about friendship, Google “How to find friends?“, you will never find friends, the friendship is not planned. Become friends. Learning the friend - the friend, learning together, laughing (generally laughing), worrying, supporting...

I hope you understood (I think - and, it is not necessary to write, or it is necessary...). And if put so and are bad, and the step-by-step instruction, so too not a problem is necessary (though a problem that still) pm, leave comments, together we will solve everything. And at process the decision can already be we will find to you FRIENDS...