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Cats familiar and unfamiliar. What do we do not know about them?

of the Cat - predators, and ideal. By those they are done by a special structure of an organism. If you look at an animal who tracks down production, then involuntarily pay attention as all its bodies work well-coordinated. the Skeleton, muscles and nervous system are ideally adapted by

for jumps and sharp movements. The magnificent system of balance of koshasty allows them to feel comfortably both on the earth, and on trees, on roofs of houses and narrow fences.

The gastrointestinal tract is intended, first of all, for digestion of animal food. For communication with each other cats use the allocations. The special structure of a brain allows animals to be trained and fix the gained experience throughout all life. Well developed sense organs give the chance to murlyka instantly to be guided practically in any situation. Let`s talk about some features of dumb animals in more detail.

The skeleton of a cat works as system of the levers allowing an animal quickly and to move smoothly in space. Any murka can jump in length on the distance by 5-6 times exceeding length of her body. It is a pity that among animals competitions in different types of track and field athletics are not held. Cats quite could become Olympic champions in long jumps!

Cats have very narrow thorax. Such feature of a body will allow it to move in space quickly and without noise. The cat`s backbone is very interestingly arranged: each vertebra in it can move rather next. Thanks to it the cat can easily and easy represent the trunk a question mark. Besides, it can reach any part of the body and without any work to lick that place which, in her opinion, is required to be cleaned.

The special attention is deserved by forward extremities of cats and a way of their fastening to a skeleton. They have a “floating“ clavicle - it keeps on the place only by means of a muscle. For this reason forepaws of cats have no rigid joint with a skeleton, they are held on the place only by sinews. Such unusual fastening of paws helps an animal to use them as shock-absorbers at jumps from high trees, for example. With a floating clavicle of a murlyk smoothly moves, its step from it is wider, and the movements which are slowed down and sliding.

Back, longer extremities of an animal are very rigidly fastened to sacral area. At run the cat makes a start from a surface back pads, and lobbies only slightly touches the earth. If it is necessary to stop quickly, then forward extremities act as safe brakes.

Skull and teeth. Front and brain department of a skull approximately identical by the size. Cats have powerful jaws. At little kittens in a mouth 26 ostrenky milk teeth which by six months are replaced by constants are cut. The adult animal has already 30 teeth from which 4 canines are most noticeable when kotofeich opens a mouth. Forward upper and lower teeth of a cat use for production capture, canines are intended to stick them between cervical vertebras of rodents, back teeth break off meat on pieces.

Muscles. Cats - very graceful and artistic animals, at them not only a specific skeleton, but also well working muscles. At each cat their about five hundred. On the head to a raspolozhenobolsha of 30 muscles. They give to a cat a rich mimicry. The most powerful muscles are localized on hinder legs, on shoulders, and also in jaws.

If the cat falls from big height, then during free flight it turns over in air to soften blow about the earth. Synchronous work of a flexible backbone, elastic muscles, magnificent sight and excellent sense of equilibrium allows to do it to it. This property of cats is fixed at the level of a reflex.

By results of supervision of veterinarians which unlucky owners of the cats who dropped out of a window often address it turns out that falling of animals from height of 5-7 floors often leads to death. Speed of such falling - about hundred kilometers per hour, and blow force such is that the cat is not able to amortize it. But when falling from the bigger height of a cat get off with small bruises. Why? At the beginning of falling the cat manages to turn over in air and reflex accepts a pose of the parachutist, that is her head is highly raised, and paws are spread wide. So it quickly extinguishes falling speed. In 90% of cases the landing happens successful: the murka - is live, and rastyapisty owners - are happy that everything managed.

Skin and wool. As well as at any vertebrate, skin at koshasty carries out protective function. In it there is also a set of the nervous terminations. With their help the animal feels cold, heat, pain and other physical impacts. A set of small blood vessels take part in thermal control of a body.

In skin there are hair follicles, each of which has the grease piece of iron. These glands produce skin fat, it adds gloss and velvet of wool murlyk. Special grease pieces of iron are in area of an anus and on pads between fingers. They develop specific pheromones - the biological sexual markers allowing cats and cats to communicate with each other.

At a healthy cat wool always bright and brilliant. Several hundreds of hairs are the share a surface of skin of 1 cm 2 . When the cat fades, all her indumentum is updated. If wool of your pet looks dimly, does not shine - it is a signal to the owner that it is time to be engaged in health of the pet.

Cats have on a body surface as well rigid long hairs for touch are vibrissa. They are located on an animal muzzle (“moustaches“, “eyebrows“), on a throat, on forward pads. Shorter single touch hairs can be found on all surface of a body of an animal.

Cats - a subject inexhaustible. It is possible to tell about interesting features of these animals long. Perhaps, not all owners of cats know about them.